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5 Things a Business Should Do to Create a Wow Customer Experience

In a recent publication of Authority Magazine, Ray Fabik, brand president of Caring Transitions, was interviewed by Orlando Zayas, for the article “5 Things a Business Should Do to Create a Wow Customer Experience.” With over 25 years of experience in leadership roles, Ray Fabik shares his rich background and his secrets to creating that Wow! experience.


Read below for excerpts from the interview:

Ray Fabik

In your words, can you share a few reasons why great customer service and a great customer experience is essential for success in business?

“Customer service is the great differentiator. There are so many similar services and competition that the one thing that can set you apart is service. Our favorite restaurant is not always the one with the best food. The food is important, but it is also about the experience, the service, atmosphere, and recovery. Those things matter in any type of business. I cannot think of a single business that does not come down to people, and anywhere there are people, there is a form of customer service that makes or breaks that business. Service is not just about being friendly; it is about attentiveness, listening, adapting, and recovery when inevitably mistakes are made……”

Can you share with us a story from your experience about a customer who was “Wowed” by the experience you provided?

“One of our Caring Transitions owners received word that a senior named Betty had scheduled a moving company to move her from her home to her new senior living community. She was waiting by herself outside of her house and it was getting late in the day. The movers were not coming. Andy assembled a team within minutes, and they took the 90-mile trip to Betty’s home and got her safely moved into her new place.

Moving out of your lifetime home can be stressful enough but sitting outside your packed-up home waiting for help that is not coming is a different story. The Caring Transitions team even brought her a housewarming gift and were sure to unpack a few items that night so it would feel like home.”

To learn more about Ray and his secrets to that Wow! experience, click here.

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