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Benefits of a Home-Based Franchise vs Standard Franchising Model

Looking at the normal, expensive restaurant franchises? That high price tag surely means they’re the best, right? Not so fast. Leaving cost alone, have you considered whether you really want the lifestyle that comes with a restaurant franchise? Let’s take a moment to see how Caring Transitions compares.

High Overhead vs Virtually Zero Overhead

Overhead is a huge cause of stress for many franchise owners, especially in the restaurant industry. Rent, kitchen equipment maintenance and repair, spoiling food, huge amounts of disposable supplies…these all cut into your revenue, but, even worse, some go unused, meaning you have wasted precious funds. At Caring Transitions, you have no rent, nothing that spoils, and you buy (far fewer) supplies as you need them. All of this means less stress for you, and more time focusing and caring for your customers.

Office/Onsite Work vs Work from Home

“I want to get up every morning, go to a loud, messy restaurant, deal with mouthy teenage employees who don’t show up half the time, and then go to an office to crunch numbers and report to a district manager,” said no business owner ever. Our work from home model is one of the most exciting things about being a Caring Transitions owner. Any administrative work can be done from the comfort of your living room, and on-site visitations occur at client’s home. It’s a much more intimate, inviting environment to work in every day.

Turnover Rates

Did you ever threaten your children that if they didn’t take school seriously, they’d end up in a career asking customers, “You want fries with that?” As you know, most employees in the restaurant business are transient. Students, adults between jobs…these will make up the bulk of your workforce in the restaurant world (and they’re probably better than those who’ve made a career in those roles…). But, in our model, you’ll be working with dependable adults looking to make a difference in their community. Yes, there will be some turnover – there is in every business. But it will be far less than in the restaurant business.

Ease of Exit

If you think buying a franchise that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars is difficult, try selling it when you’re ready to retire or move on. Much like selling a house, there is a very real chance you will either have to wait for months, maybe even years, or take a loss. But Caring Transitions franchise costs less than many SUV’s or trucks – and it’s an investment; not a product that depreciates instantly.

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