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Caring for a Cause to Support Deo Gratias Cafe in Detroit

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Caring Transitions is pleased to be hosting a charity auction through CTBIDS to benefit Deo Gratias Café, a non-profit café that offers free or ‘pay what you can’ meals to those in need. The auction is live through February 16 at!/ctOwnerStory/366.  (Update:  This auction has now closed. )

“We knew doing a charity auction on our CTBIDS platform would be the best way to support their needs. The café is a unique way to provide a safe, judgment-free space where people from the area can get something to eat, interact with other people and maybe get some needed help or support. I could not think of a better way to support this unique approach then this special online charity auction,” Caring Transitions Director of Operations Joe Lewandowski said.

The charity auction for Deo Gratias Café is being held with the assistance of local franchise owners Adam and Samantha Bell, Caring Transitions of Oakland County, and Caring Transitions’ Caring for a Cause program, which was founded in 2016. Despite the challenges franchise owners have faced, Caring for a Cause continues to be a strong program throughout the franchise network.

“The pandemic has been another reminder of the caring nature of our owner network. While their businesses were being disrupted, they still made caring a priority by doing charity auctions, delivery services for seniors, dinners for living facility employees and more. It is within this spirit that the philanthropic arm of our organization ‘Caring for a Cause remains a priority. Our franchise owners want to make an impact on their communities and Caring for a Cause is one way we can help,” Caring Transitions President Ray Fabik said.

Learn more about the auction, Deo Gratias and Caring Transitions online.

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