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Caring Transitions Franchise Launches New Website

Caring Transitions, which offers home-based franchise opportunities, introduces its new website loaded with information about the company.

Caring Transitions Homepage Screenshot
Caring Transitions Franchise Redesigned Website

( -- July 17, 2017) Cincinnati, Ohio -- Caring Transitions announces the launch of a new website that should be of interest to anyone who likes helping people and has a desire to own a business. The new website is filled with news about the company, its services and the home-based, affordable franchises that are available.

“The uniqueness of Caring Transitions is in the fact we offer solutions to people instead of just a list of services,” according to a company spokesman. “Franchise owners have an opportunity to own a business that helps families through difficult times. We developed this new website for people to use to learn more about us and what we offer.”

The company’s website is easy to navigate with clearly labeled tabs and drop-down lists for visitors to use to find exactly what they need. Each page is a pleasure to look at with pleasing pictures and easy to read text.

People who want additional information about franchise opportunities can request it without leaving the website. There are request forms conveniently located throughout the site for visitors to fill out and submit with only a click of a button.

The concept behind Caring Transitions is one of people helping other people. As explained on its website, aging makes it more and more difficult to take care of things without getting help from friends or family members. For seniors living long distances from family, something as seemingly simple as downsizing can become an impossible task. Caring Transitions franchise owners work with seniors or with members of their families to solve problems related to downsizing, relocation and estate sales.

Senior relocation franchise services include helping customers in their search for a new home or facility in which to live. Once a place is found, franchise owners assist with the actual move. All the while, Caring Transitions owners stay in touch with the customer’s family to reassure them the needs of their family member are being met.

When assisting a customer with decluttering and downsizing or when a loved one dies, estate sale business franchise services might be needed. Caring Transitions franchise owners have the option of conducting traditional estate sales at the customer’s home or other location, or they can access the company’s online auction service. One situation in which an online auction might be better than a traditional one is when the location of the sale would be a gated community or other location with limited access.

The company’s new website explains all the services franchise owners have at their disposal to offer to their customers. It also provides information about marketing and operational support offered to franchise owners, the cost of investing and the process to become an owner.

Visit the Caring Transitions Franchise website at or call 1-800-647-0766 for more information about franchise opportunities.

About Caring Transitions Franchise

The aging members of the baby-boomer generation and their families are the reason Caring Transition was created. It is a solution-oriented company assisting people with three of the common, yet troublesome, tasks families face: Senior relocation, downsizing and decluttering, and estate sales. This emphasis on helping people is what makes it one of the best franchises to own.

Caring Transitions Franchise
10700 Montgomery Road, Suite 210
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
United States