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Caring Transitions of Upstate SC Has Been Relaunched

When Donna Sherer’s father died last year, she found herself overwhelmed with clearing out his house. As an only child and a real estate agent, she knew what needed to be accomplished, but going through a house that was as full of memories as it was of her father’s stuff was difficult. Now Donna and her husband, Kevin, are looking forward to helping other families overcome those kinds of challenges with their new business, Caring Transitions of Upstate SC.

“As an only child, the process was completely overwhelming. We had looked at opening a Caring Transitions franchise a few years ago and, while we were dealing with my father’s house, Kevin called Caring Transitions back and we found out the Parkinsons were looking to retire. We bought the franchise, closed on the house and reinvested in the business,” Donna said. “Word about Caring Transitions is spreading fast and we’re excited to be offering this much needed service in our community.”

Donna and Kevin have been married for 32 years and they have three adult children. They’d wanted to work together for years, but they hadn’t found the right opportunity or the right timing before Caring Transitions. They are looking forward to growing the business the Parkinsons started.

“We appreciate everything Rick and Janet have done – they have been wonderful to work with and are so supportive. They were focused mostly on estate sales and online auctions and we are excited to take what they’ve built and expand the company to offer the entire suite of Caring Transitions services. Our goal is to be an end-to-end support system for anyone facing a transition, whether you need us for one part of the process or you want us to take lead on the entire transition. We can even list the house for you. We are looking forward to being your one-call solution,” Kevin said.

Caring Transitions services are unique and, while you might not need us today, we all face these kinds of transitions at some point in our lives. When you do need us, we’ll be here for you and your family. You do not have to go through that transition alone,” Donna added.

Caring Transitions of Upstate SC is bonded, insured and their W2 employees have been background checked. For additional information call (864)243-8805, email or visit