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Caring Transitions: Owner Spotlight – Meet Gina Siegel

Caring Transitions Meet Gina Siegel

Owner Spotlight - Meet Gina Siegel

Bringing with her a 17-year career in experiential marketing, Gina Siegel decided to purchase a Caring Transition franchise with the support and partnership of her husband, David.  After her own experience facing the unique challenges of caring for her aging parents. While she is quick to point out that caring for her parents and managing their multiple moves and downsizing was not a burden, it was both physically and emotionally exhausting trying to “honor and provide for my mom and dad.” 

Gina grew up on the East side of Cincinnati, where She graduated from Cincinnati Country Day School and then attended DePauw University. After college, she worked in Miami, Chicago, and New York, but she and David decided it was time to move home to Cincinnati when her parents’ health began to decline. Part of what she calls the sandwich generation, Gina quit her job to dedicate herself to caring for both her children and her parents. 

Gina notes, “It was as important to me to honor my parents as it was to make sure they were safe and happy.” Because her parents were divorced, Gina was overseeing two households while managing their very different health issues and needs.  After what she calls “10 years of a difficult, overwhelming journey,” she and David moved her parents out of their homes and into assisted living facilities. 

When they began relocating and managing estate clearings, they thought they could save money doing everything themselves, but after five years and more than $20,000 spent on various moves, managing the estates, paying for storage, dozens of trips to online auction houses, consignment shops, donation facilities, and more, they turned to Caring Transitions for help. She explains that “With Caring Transitions, we were able to do in a few weeks what we couldn’t do in years – sort through what to keep and how to thoughtfully distribute the rest.”

Fast forward 10 years, Gina’s parents had both passed and she and David were interested in business ownership. But, she says, “being in our late forties at the time, we knew we couldn’t try, fail, try again and fail...until we got it right, so we looked into franchising.”

Caring Transitions Moving Boxes

So Why Caring Transitions? She says, “because it was a known brand that had structure and operations already in place, and was meaningful work that allowed them to use their experiences for good to help other families.”

After researching Caring Transitions for seven months, and connecting with existing franchise owners, Gina and David invested in a Caring Transitions franchise in January 2019 and Caring Transitions of Cincinnati East was born. 

The first month of ownership, she says, “was stressful … I had to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I had to push through the fear.” Even after just two months, Gina notes she felt much better and more comfortable in her new role. But it was when she started “studying the masters,” the most successful, existing Caring Transition franchise owners, that she really was able to take her business to the next level. 

By replicating their styles and work habits, she was able to find team members, develop key relationships, partnerships, and set high standards for herself and her team. This group became her “dream team of mentors.” She also credits her Caring Transitions business coach, Keith, who is a past franchise owner. She describes him as becoming an invaluable resource to her, providing real-life examples of challenges and solutions for her franchise business. 

As for her “what I wish I would have known” before purchasing her franchise, Gina says, “is to think bigger.” She goes on to say that she wishes she would have had a Operations Manager type role in place within the first 10-12 months to allow her to focus on the bigger picture. “Having that role now allows me to develop partnerships, be out in the community to establish Caring Transitions Cincinnati East as a credible resource to our community.”

Owning a Caring Transitions franchise has never been easier, and you can be up and running in just a few months. Once you request information, our franchise director will answer all your questions and help you to learn more about the business so that you can decide if it is the best fit for you to meet your goals. We make the Steps to Ownership simple and straightforward so that you are comfortable making the right decision for your future. 

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