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Caring Transitions Shatters 2020 Goals with Online Auction Site

The Senior Relocation and Transition Services Company is Celebrating Franchise Growth and Record Breaking Sales

Caring Transitions, a company specializing in senior relocation and transition services, added 31 new franchise locations and saw record-breaking revenue in 2020. Armed with the success of the year, the team is excited about what could be an even stronger 2021!

Caring Transitions is a solutions-oriented company that works to make it easier for aging adults to downsize or to move into senior care facilities. The Caring Transitions experts are there every step of the way to help with packing, transporting family treasures and selling items that will no longer fit into the smaller space.

Caring Transitions also offers access to its online auction site, CTBIDS, which acts as a virtual estate sale. CTBIDS saw its sales grow 300 percent in 2020 as many people were forced to stay home without the ability to hold traditional estate sales.

“2020 included a pandemic and an economic recession, but that didn’t stop people from aging and transitioning to a new chapter of life,” said Ray Fabik, President of Caring Transitions. “What we do is important, and I am thrilled we are growing and will be able to help so many more families complete what can be a stressful and big life step.”

Ray Fabik - Caring Transitions President

With more than 11,000 baby boomers reaching retirement age every day, the need for senior care services is at an all-time high, and Caring Transitions is ready to offer its unique resources to seniors and their loved ones.

“Seniors are really a forgotten group in our society,” said Fabik. “We aren’t just helping a grandmother move a dining room table; we are helping move 50 years of memories.”

Caring Transitions, which is part of the Strategic Franchising family, is eager to execute its plan for 2021, which includes improving its pandemic-resistant strategies, continuing to make CTBIDS more efficient, and adding to an enthusiastic peer network of more than 244 owners.

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