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Cedric and Lisa Wade Launch in Scottsdale

Congratulations to the newest Caring Transitions franchisees Cedric and Lisa Wade, who are excited to announce the launch of their new business, Caring Transitions of Scottsdale, to help seniors through some of life’s toughest transitions.

Caring Transitions’ services are perfect for managing the many aspects of a senior move or assisting with the process of downsizing to provide a safer living situation, as well as for busy families and people clearing out the home of a loved one who has moved into assisted care or passed. All of Caring Transitions’ services are customizable, so clients choose the solution that best fits their needs.

Cedric and Lisa Wade, Caring Transitions of Scottsdale

“Transitions can be stressful, especially for older adults and people who are grieving. Whether you’re clearing out the house of someone who has passed or you’re trying to help a loved one relocate, knowing who to call for help can be challenging. At Caring Transitions, we are a full-service company and we can help with everything from just getting someone resettled into their new place to managing an entire estate liquidation,” Cedric said. “Lisa and I are excited to be able to help people in our community and to make a difference by bringing Caring Transitions to Scottsdale.”

Cedric has been helping people for the past 25 years in the financial services industry. He is active in his church – he’s a board member of a non-profit organization that helps the poor and needy worldwide, was a church elder, Sunday school teacher and short-term missionary. Lisa comes from a family of physicians, got her start in nursing and has been in healthcare for 20 years. She’s currently a senior director at a local hospital. The Wades started thinking about Caring Transitions after their own experience with Lisa’s mother’s estate in the fall of 2017.

“When Lisa’s mother passed away, the whole family went to Wisconsin to help with the house. She was a fun lady and, when you went to her house, it was always clean and orderly, but she was a bit of a home shopping network hoarder. Every cubby, each closet and the attic were all full of stuff – mostly brand new and unopened. It took her brother three months to get to a point where we could have an estate sale and, even though a dozen of us chipped in, her brother was over extended and exhausted. The whole thing was a nightmare. That experience planted something in our minds and, when we learned about Caring Transitions, we knew this was a business we wanted to bring to Scottsdale,” Cedric said. “We are looking forward to serving our community in a new way as business owners.”

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