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Chris Seman Talks with Boomer Income Ideas

Our very own Chris Seman, President of Caring Transitions, sits down with Dan Farnsworth of Boomer Income Ideas to explain our senior moving and liquidation services and to share the benefits of being a franchise owner. He shares the Caring Transitions history and how working with seniors and their families is a rewarding opportunity.

Boomer Income Ideas Interview with Caring Transitions

Dan Farnsworth mentions how he had a personal experience working with a loved one going through the process of transitioning from a home to a caring facility and the Caring Transition franchise made a lot of sense to him. Caring Transitions helps franchisees mitigate unforeseen family drama with training on what would be the best solution for the moving parent. Client’s objectives are discussed and goals are set so clients are assured that they are working with someone who strives to exceed their expectations.

Chris Seman shares the Caring Transitions steps to franchisee ownership that includes a week long training program that involves field training. You hear from Michelle and Dennis Begg who are franchisee owners who share their personal experience growing their successful franchise.

Enjoy watching the entire conversation here:

The Caring Transitions business plan is created for franchisees to grow their investment. This strategy is designed to be a successful full time business that will drive a full time income. Most franchisee appreciated the personal rewards working within their community and providing clients with a comforting move during a transitioning time.

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