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Congratulations to Franchisee, Sherri Gillette, Winner of the Caring Transitions Pioneer Spirit Award

Sherri Gillette Pioneer Spirit Award

Sherri Gillette, owner of Caring Transitions of Southern Arizona, has earned the Bruce Treadway Pioneer Spirit Award.  She received this recognition during the brand’s annual (virtual) conference that was held in March of 2021.

The Pioneer Spirit Award is named for Bruce Treadway, the first Caring Transitions franchise owner, who was instrumental in helping build the brand into the nationally recognized business it is today.  Winners of this award are chosen because they exhibit drive and perseverance through unfamiliar territory and help to navigate the direction of the Caring Transitions model.  They not only focus on the success and profitability of their own business, but they also focus on the success and profitability of the entire system.

Ray Fabik - Caring Transitions President

“Spend more than a minute with Sherri Gillette and the topic of caring for her clients or giving back to the community will come up – it’s simply how she is wired. During the pandemic, her first thought wasn’t about her business, it was about her senior clients and the community. Sherri shifted her business in an instant and it made a difference for the community and her business. Sherri is truly a ‘pioneer’ when it comes to helping others,” said Caring Transitions president, Ray Fabik.

Sherri has consistently been a top performing franchise owner and has been in the #1 revenue position system-wide since 2017.  But she doesn’t stop there.  She also goes out of her way to support other franchisees, most recently by working with Amazon to secure PPE for other Caring Transitions owners at a time when those supplies were scarce.

To say 2020 was a difficult year to be a business owner would be an understatement.  But Sherri didn’t let the pandemic slow her down.  Her pioneering spirit allowed her to envision success for her business during this challenging time and gave her the courage to make the necessary shifts so her team could continue serving the seniors in their community.

“Despite all the changes that hit us in 2020, we were able to serve our clients and to take the best care of our team members. We quickly found PPE for our employees and put together a safety protocols sheet for our retirement communities. We moved into a larger warehouse, transitioned to hosting our estate sales exclusively online, started a grocery and pharmacy delivery service for our senior clients and set-up an employee food bank for anyone who needed extra help. We basically said ‘yes’ to everything to continue to grow our business, keep our team members on staff and serve our community,” Gillette said.

Sherri Gillette

Sherri’s success in 2020, fueled by her ability to make the needed shifts in strategy, is further proof that the Caring Transitions brand is a business model set up to withstand changes in the economic environment.  While there are proven systems in place and brand standards to follow, franchise owners are encouraged to be innovative and to create a business plan that will be successful in their unique territories. If you’d like to read more about the success of Caring Transitions in 2020 and so far in 2021, check out these articles: Caring Transitions Shatters 2020 Goals and Caring Transitions Exceeds Q1 Growth Goals.

Caring Transitions is a low-cost, home based business in the booming senior care industry.  For more information on becoming a Caring Transitions owner, fill out an inquiry form today. 

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