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Couple Opens Caring Transitions of Sioux Falls

There are movers. And then there’s Mary and Dan Main.

The couple recently opened Caring Transitions in Sioux Falls. The company, a franchise locally owned and operated by the Mains, aims to serve as a one-stop shop to help seniors pack up and move.

They’re not just movers, they’re move management specialists, aiming at helping seniors with big transitions to make.

It might seem like a niche industry, but with a a large generation moving into their senior years, there’s plenty to do.

“A year ago, I never would have known this business was out there, but I had personal experience with people in my family,” said Mary Main. “I thought, ‘wow, it’s a good business and it can really help people.'”

Caring Transitions isn’t just about moving stuff. It’s about the Mains working with a customer to help make decisions about how to downsize what they have, and get items ready for selling, including online auctions.

“One of the big problems that people have in any move management situation is they have too many things, and how do they get rid of all those things,” she said.

A friendly and helpful touch is crucial, Mains said.

“It’s personal,” she said. “You’re invited into someone’s home. You have to spend a amount of time listening and understanding what your client wants to accomplish, and then helping them.”

The Mains, both South Dakota natives, moved back to their home state from Colorado. Mary Mains has worked in banking, finance and real estate, but found herself without a job due to a corporate restructure. And then the questions Caring Transitions answers became personal ones for her.

A fire in her aunt’s building mean she had to leave, quickly.

“She was moved out in the middle of the night,” Mains said.

Without a home, due to the fire, her aunt lived in a hotel, then temporary housing. In six months, she helped move her aunt six times. That’s how Mains discovered Caring Transitions.

They “really helped her with the moving management piece,” she said. “I thought I was phenomenal what they could do.”

It’s great if family members are around to help downsize possessions and help move, but that’s not always the case, Mains said. That’s where Caring Transitions comes in.

“A lot of times people don’t have their family and when they need help, people are looking for a professional to help with those kinds of things,” she said.

The Mains decided to take the plunge and open their own Caring Transitions. Sioux Falls, with its growing retirement community population, seemed like a great place to do so.

“It’s become such a regional giant for everything,” she said. ” People coming here for the senior communities, they want to come from the smaller towns for the city like this. … There’s so much going on here, and so much opportunity.”

To get in touch with Dan and Mary Mains at Caring Transitions, call 605-254-0756, email or visit