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Turning a Passion for Helping Others into a Career

After discovering the brand in a magazine article, Kerri Shimp realized she had the opportunity to successfully break into the senior care industry.

BY: CASSIDY MCALOON Content Producer - Caring Transitions Contributor Kerri Shimp always knew that when the last of her children went to school, she wanted to open her own business. But it wasn’t until she discovered Caring Transitions, the leading senior relocation and downsizing franchise, that she knew exactly what business she was meant to pursue. Shimp first came across Caring Transitions in an Entrepreneur magazine article. With a master’s degree in counseling, she believed she would be perfectly poised to enter the senior care industry with the help and support of the brand. And as soon as she reached out to Caring Transition’s corporate team, she realized she was right. “Everything seemed to click when I first started with Caring Transitions. The corporate team was beyond helpful while I was getting my business off the ground,” said Shimp. “That support system hasn’t gone away either now that I’ve been in business for nearly four years. They’ve truly been with me every step of the way.” That commitment to creating a supportive business environment isn’t limited to its franchisees—Caring Transitions stands out in the senior care industry because of its ability to help seniors successfully move to a new home. The brand’s relocation, downsizing and estate sale services are unparalleled—Caring Transitions goes above and beyond to make sure that its clients are comfortable every step of the way. Shimp says it’s that willingness to go the extra mile that fuels her business. Sorting through personal belongings and moving them into a smaller space can be overwhelming for seniors, and both customers and their families need to be confident in the team executing the move. “Our main goal is to successfully move seniors from point A to point B, even when their families are unavailable to help. We take the stress and pressure out of sorting through years of memories, and make it simple. At the end of the day, I really feel like we’re the missing link between where seniors are and where they need to go,” Shimp said. With Caring Transitions expanding into local communities across the country, that missing piece is starting to be filled in. The brand is committed to bringing its superior services to new regions with the help of passionate and dedicated franchisees like Shimp. Business owners can expect their initial investment to range between $58,112 and $85,812. “Following Caring Transitions’ franchise model almost made it easy for me to open my own business. Yes, running your own business requires a lot of hard work. But the brand really worked with me and has systems in place that put me on the right path,” said Shimp. “I’m excited to continue growing the brand by helping more seniors successfully transition to the next stage of their lives.”