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Four New Caring Transitions Open in the East

November is off to a strong start! Caring Transitions has officially launched four new franchises throughout the Eastern United States.

Bari And Doug Wachs Bring Caring Transitions to South Jersey

Bari and Doug Wachs are excited for the launch of Caring Transitions of South Jersey. Bari and Doug have been living in Marlton for more than 18 years. They moved to this area, so they could bring their children closer to their four living great-grandparents and grandparents. They have always placed great value on family. Bari is bringing 15+ years of healthcare sales and marketing experience to Caring Transitions. She started working in the homecare and hospice industry after her two grandfathers passing.

“I was blessed to have four grandparents as an adult. I was very close with all of them. My family’s first experience with home hospice care was life-altering. My grandfather was a vibrant, impassioned and loving family man. When he fell ill, we did not know where to turn and were so fortunate to have a warm, compassionate hospice team to support us,” Bari said. “I’ve always loved the Caring Transitions concept. Doug and I are extremely excited to start this journey and to have the opportunity to serve the community in a new way.”

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Doug and Bari Wachs, Caring Transitions of South Jersey

Tracy and Robert Baker Bring Caring Transitions to Catawba Valley

After years working in the senior industry, Robert and Tracy Baker, are more than excited to launch their new Caring Transitions of Catawba Valley. They look forward to providing customized solutions and lift away the fear, uncertainty, and doubt so the transition process is less stressful.

“The services we provide at Caring Transitions are all about peace of mind. We work with seniors and families to help them achieve their relocation, right-sizing, downsizing or estate finalization goals quickly, efficiently and compassionately. We know, especially when you’re working with older adults and families, it’s an emotional and stressful time for everyone involved. We are here as a resource to make that process easier, no matter what stage of the process you are in,” Robert said.

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Tracy and Robert Baker, Caring Transitions of Catawba Valley

Mike and Liz Ivan Expand Caring Transitions of Cleveland Western Suburbs

After being in business for a little over a year, Mike and Liz are excited to expand their Caring Transitions to include the East side of Cleveland, Beachwood, and surrounding communities. They are eager to serve more people and expand relationships as well.

The Ivan’s originally opened their business in August of 2017 after spending most of their careers in IT. They learned about Caring Transitions through being in the same situations as the clients and learned of the benefits this company has to offer. After business kept growing, they realized the need for this service on the east side of Cleveland as well, which is when they decided to expand.

“My mom passed away a while back and, when my dad fell ill, my family and I did all his transitioning on our own. Even with help from my brother and sisters, it was incredibly stressful to do all of that ourselves and it took months to finish. We needed Caring Transitions – we just didn’t realize the service existed,” Mike said. “Transitions can be stressful and time-consuming, on both the seniors and the adult children. We can help make the whole process less complicated and much easier.”

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Mike and Liz Ivan, Caring Transitions of Cleveland

Achla Karnani Brings Caring Transitions to Ann Arbor

Achla Karnani is excited to launch her new business Caring Transitions of Ann Arbor. Achla has been living in Ann Arbor for the last 38 years and has had careers spanning in multiple industries. After earning a master’s degree from Harvard, she moved to Michigan with her husband and she became an administrator at the University of Michigan. After having kids, she decided to stay at home and after 6 years her and her husband parted ways. As a single mother of two, she went back to school to get a Master of Social Work and then eventually earn a law degree. She has been practicing family law for 11 years in Ann Arbor.

“My passion has always been to help others by finding solutions. As I contemplated my next steps, I researched possible business ventures and found Caring Transitions. This was the perfect fit for my ministry, education, and skills. Caring Transitions gives me the opportunity to work with families during an often emotionally and physically challenging time and to make a positive impact,” Karnani said. “Caring Transitions is a great way for me to combine my skills and experience in a way that helps people on a different level.”

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Achla Karnani, Caring Transitions of  Ann Arbor