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Lori Ligorio Launches for a Meaningful Career

Caring Transitions helped Lori Ligorio turn her life-long passion into a successful business venture.

BY: MEGAN FERRINGER Editor - Caring Transitions Contributor When Lori Ligorio was faced with the unique challenge of freshening up her resume or breaking out on her own after a long career in the financial industry, she took it as a sign to leave behind the corporate world and trade it in for a life doing something she truly loved—helping others. Now, Ligorio is turning that passion into a business with her newest venture—Caring Transitions. As America’s largest resource for managing senior relocations as well as downsizing and estate liquidations, Caring Transitions is an opportunity meant for burgeoning entrepreneurs like Ligorio. Eager to help others in a time of need, Ligorio was intrigued by the brand’s services, which are designed to relieve stress and give customers the one thing they deserve most—time with their loved ones. “The most important factor in deciding to franchise with Caring Transitions was knowing I had the opportunity to make a difference in my community of Scranton, Pennsylvania,” Ligorio said. “I’m excited to give people the peace of mind and freedom they deserve to live their best lives with their loved ones.” Before Ligorio joined Caring Transitions, she was working with Bank of America, primarily supporting the small business sector. During an impressive 20-year tenure with the company, her roles included vice president site leader of the small business contact center operations and process design engineer. Ligorio also served as the 2015-2016 treasurer for All Saints Academy in Scranton, where her son, Donny, currently goes to school. By 2014, the long career at Bank of America that Ligorio had grown with had come to a sudden halt—and Ligorio’s life was about to change. That year, her position at the bank was eliminated, and Ligorio was faced with figuring out what she really wanted to do with her career. Ligorio never once looked at this life change as a setback. Instead, it was a blessing in disguise—an opportunity to finally pick her head up from the daily grind and think about the future. “I knew I had to do something that I would love every single day. And I knew I wanted to do something that really benefitted people in a tangible way,” Ligorio said. While taking stock of her options, Ligorio and a family friend found themselves in a situation where they helped a family member straighten out her health concerns and move into a safe living environment. That experience, combined with her desire to do something that positively impacted people’s lives, came into focus when she learned about Caring Transitions. Whether it’s a planned or unexpected situation, Caring Transitions’ services are perfect for seniors moving into a new living situation or for busy families who need help clearing out the home of a loved one who has passed away. No matter the circumstance, Caring Transitions’ services are customizable, so clients only pay for the services they need—whether that means managing the entire move and estate-clearing or just getting someone resettled into their new place. And for Ligorio, it was that unique approach to business that ultimately sold her on the unparalleled franchising opportunity with Caring Transitions. “There are other businesses out there that do pieces of what we do, but Caring Transitions is different. We are here to provide families with the full-service solution they deserve,” Ligorio said.