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Franchises for Women: What Makes Women Entrepreneurs Successful?

If you are a female entrepreneur looking for an investment opportunity, the best franchises don’t just empower women by providing them with a great living; they provide purpose by helping them make a difference in their communities.


Since the 1970’s women have steadily elevated their position in the business world. Women now account for 31 percent of all small business owners in the United States, and women-owned businesses generate $1.8 trillion in revenue annually. 

As the percentage of female business owners continues to grow, franchisors are taking notice of their massive economic impact and directing more of their recruitment efforts toward attracting women. 


Franchising may not be the first thing that comes to mind as women think about taking the first step toward entrepreneurship. Many women who are considering starting their own business do not realize the depth of options available in the franchising world.

This variety creates an opportunity for women to examine their skillsets and choose an industry that will create a lucrative business while allowing for a desired lifestyle. According to a research study examining entrepreneurship, women are most likely to start a business to accommodate family needs, and franchising could be the perfect fit in helping to achieve that goal. 


Of course women become business owners for a variety of reasons, another study finds that 29 percent attribute it to their desire to be their own boss. Behind that, 20 percent cited wanting to pursue their passion. 

One of the top industries women are interested in pursuing is personal services, a broad term that includes companies that provide goods or services that assist people and enrich their daily lives. Women are uniquely qualified to succeed in an industry that puts their leadership and communication skills at the forefront.


As a leader and one of the fastest-growing franchises in the senior care industry, Caring Transitions gives women franchise owners the opportunity to combine their passion for entrepreneurship with their desire to care for others while contributing to their community. Empowered franchisees can achieve success by improving the quality of life for others.

Fifty-two percent of Caring Transitions locations are women-owned, and it’s easy to understand why. The franchise provides the opportunity for women to attain a heightened level of success as their own bosses in a recession-resistant industry while also reaching an extraordinary level of personal fulfillment. 

With Americans living longer than ever before, the population of baby boomers (those of us currently aged 65 or older) is likely to double within the next decade. As they age, our older loved ones face a number of difficult decisions about their living situations, including whether to age in place, downsize their larger family homes, move into a retirement community or long-term care facilities or move in with family members, etc. All of these situations require the services of caring professionals who are uniquely qualified to help them transition. Caring Transitions is prepared to offer a range of essential services to make these significant adjustments as seamless as possible.

Caring Transitions requires little to no prior senior care experience from its franchisees. For women who are looking to switch, or build on previous careers, Caring Transitions provides comprehensive training, marketing, and operational support to give you the tools, strategies, and structure necessary to successfully run your business while giving you the ability to apply the skills and knowledge you already possess .

Caring Transitions is proud to offer a plethora of advantages for all of its franchisees, and more and more women entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to pursue professional growth with a brand that believes that support and compassion for the community — both customers and franchisees — is what ultimately fuels success.

If you would like to learn more about franchising with Caring Transitions, please visit us.

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