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Franchising: A Path to Success After Military Duty

There is no business venture quite like that of opening a franchise. While the allure of being your own boss and running your own business is attractive to many people, it also calls for a great deal of training and discipline. Becoming a successful franchisee requires commitment, attention to detail, and a near-innate ability to follow a proven process. Possessing such abilities will greatly increase prospects for overall success for both franchiser and franchisee. Due to strict franchising agreements, long lists of do’s/don’ts, and specific quality assurance standards, anybody who hopes to start their own franchise must first determine if they have what it takes. – Not just from a financial standpoint, but from a personal standpoint as well. Anybody can sign a franchising agreement, but a large part of success hinges on the traits listed above. - as well as intangibles like determination and a team-first mentality.

As franchisers search for new franchisees to take the helm, the 5 qualities listed above will often be the first thing on their minds. For franchisers, trust and fit will usually come before financials. Usually, searches and outreach will be conducted within the most trustworthy pools first (think public servants, business owners, etc.). Since this is the case, there is likely no better place to start than with Veterans of the United States. To carry out the solemn honor of serving one’s country is something that many of us will never partake in. Those who answer the call, who partake in civil service for our country have all-but proven themselves to be trustworthy, and in possession of; Commitment, Attention to Detail, Determination, a Willingness to Follow Directions, and a Team-First Mentality. – Thus, making Veterans tremendous candidates for owning a franchise.

Military father and daughter

Successful Franchise Owners Possess:


Attention to Detail

Willingness to Follow Directions


Team - First Mentality 


United States Veterans Possess:


Attention to Detail

Willingness to Follow Directions


Team - First Mentality 

By this point, there have been many reasons why a franchiser has interest in veteran franchisees, but why might a veteran be interested in franchising with Caring Transitions. There are countless reasons why a vet might be interested, but they can ultimately be boiled down into three major points; Serving the Community, Financial / Financing Opportunities, and Guided Independence.

Serving the Community

By becoming a Caring Transitions Franchisee, you will continue the tradition of service that you have upheld so far. At Caring Transitions, you will provide for seniors and their families by respectfully & compassionately assisting downsize, right-size, relocation, and liquidation efforts as they move to the next step in their lives.

Not only does Caring Transitions provide a service to elders, it also provides employment to countless others. As you continue the tradition of service to others, you can also continue the tradition of Veteran-owned businesses. In fact, Veteran-owned franchises account for over 815,000 jobs in America alone*. And Veteran-owned businesses- in general- provide over 5.8 million jobs. According to the National Veteran Foundation, veteran-owned businesses account for over $210 billion dollars of the country’s overall payroll*.

With Caring Transitions, anyone can take part in the Great American Story that is service to others. 

Caring Transitions Large Team

Financial Opportunities

We stated above that Veterans have the characteristics of successful business owners, and we also have proof! Over 38% of veteran-owned business has a yearly revenue that exceeds $500,000*, and 78% have yearly revenues that exceed $100,000. The statistics show that veterans have a strong track record for successful business ownership.

Ranked as one of the Top Franchises*, you will have the opportunity to tap into a rapidly growing market with multiple streams of income. At this very moment, over 75 Million seniors needs home relocation/liquidation services. Now is your chance to tap into the need.

Preferable Financing

When it comes to funding your franchise, consider yourself at an advantage. Financial institutions typically offer the best services to vets. Due to their discipline, veterans are viewed as a good candidate for loans. Financial institutions are often more than willing to cater to veterans trying to launch their own businesses.

Due to the high number of successful veteran-owned businesses, Strategic Franchising has implemented a special discount for any and all veterans. Through Franchises for Vets, SF has instituted a $2,000 veteran discount to help you get started. We are honored to be recognized as a Top 10 Franchise that offers a lucrative veteran discount. It is our way of saying “welcome.”

Independence with Support

Franchising is special in that it provides people- veterans included- with the opportunity to be their own boss. Possessing prior leadership experience is- in fact- one of the best indicators of future franchising success… thus, making veterans nearly pre-destined for the opportunity. Like starting your own business, franchisees have the freedom to operate, manage, and hire how they deem fit.

However, unlike owning your own business, you are not alone. If you need assistance with marketing, scaling, or more, you have an executive team with over 20 years of experience to call upon. We are here for you. Get assistance when you need it and call the shots when you don’t. 


Franchising is about freedom; claim yours today.

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