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Military Experience Translates to Entrepreneurship

Franchise owners come from all walks of life, but there are certain types of people who are custom-built for success as franchise owners. At Caring Transitions, 20 percent of our franchise owners are military veterans, and there are many good reasons why military personnel find success in the world of franchising.

Military Woman


A franchise is different from starting a business from the ground up in many ways, but one of the most noticeable differences is that the structure for success with a rewarding franchise opportunity is already in place. Military personnel are taught the discipline to follow orders from the moment they enter the service, and that type of discipline is ideal for turning a franchise framework into a successful business.


Discipline will keep an entrepreneur focused on following the guidelines a franchise offers for success, but dedication is what makes that entrepreneur put in 60 hours per week or more if it is necessary to make their dream a reality. The military teaches that dedication is essential to success, and that attribute translates very well into owning a successful franchise.

Presenting Ideas

When you run a senior relocation franchise from Caring Transitions, part of your job is to explain the senior downsizing solution you offer in a way that makes sense to your clients and their families. Our franchise owners can often find themselves in very emotional situations where clarity and a caring hand are essential.

Success in the military relies on being able to read a situation properly and present information in a way that is easy to understand. Military personnel in the field spend most of their days presenting critical information to many different types of people, and those skills are essential to running any kind of franchise business.

Taking Charge in a Situation

The military builds up confidence in its members that allows those members to understand how to take charge in a situation. When you run your own business, you have to be able to take charge and keep any situation under control. This includes instances where customers are trying to intimidate a franchise business owner to get discounts or extra services at no cost. A Caring Transitions franchise owner with a military background is going to see a need and take charge when the situation requires it, and they will be able to analyze the situation properly to make the right decisions.


Confidence is developed over time, and it comes from learning the skills you need to be able to do your job properly. The military teaches its personnel to learn what needs to be learned to make the right decisions, and this is where confidence comes from. Military members are confident because they gather the information they need to make good decisions, and that is a critical element of being a good franchise business owner.

Having Vision

While the framework for a franchise business is laid out for every owner, it still takes a vision of the future to grow a business successfully. Military personnel are trained to envision success with every operation they are involved in, and that training translates very well to owning a franchise business. A military member can utilize the framework they are given to create their own ideas for future growth, and then use their experience to see those plans through.


The quality of leadership means many things, but mostly it means being the person that others look to for guidance. All of the traits that make up a good soldier are the same ones that create good business leaders. Military personnel are taught to be patient in any situation, translate ideas into a plan of action and be a resource for the people who rely on them. Every member of the military is trained to be a strong leader, and that is a very important part of being a successful business owner.

The military is not only a great way to serve your country; it also gives you the skills you need to succeed in business. Military training teaches all of the traits an entrepreneur needs to run a growing business, and it also gives military personnel plenty of opportunity to sharpen those skills to be used in any situation.