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Meet Jim Stapleton, VP of Franchise Development

Meet James Stapleton

Meet Jim (James) Stapleton, VP of Franchise Development 

In sales for the past 25 years, Jim Stapleton calls himself a “sales guy.” He says, “ever since I can remember I have had an entrepreneurial spirit - even as a kid.” As the Vice President of Franchise Development for Caring Transitions, a role he has had for two-and-a-half years, he is in charge of the sales team for the brand. He is proud to share that he and his four-person team have sold more franchises in 2021 than in 2019 and 2020 combined. Currently the team is on track to break company sales records this year. 

When asked why he thinks his team has been so successful,  he contributes it to the combination of the brand and the talent of his sales team. “Caring Transitions is absolutely amazing in the way that we are able to touch families’ lives as they go through what can be a very difficult time.” As for his team, “I have an amazing team.” He says, “I put the sales goals out there and let them do their thing.” 

Recently, Jim shared his role within Caring Transitions and what he believes are the benefits - and challenges - of the franchise model of business ownership. 

What makes you a good fit for your role as the Vice President of Franchise Development for Caring Transitions? 

"I have been in Sales for 25 years, and have always been the top salesperson in my previous organizations. With this role at Caring Transitions, I manage the sales team in addition to making sales, which is a little bit different than my previous roles. My background in sales helps me to understand where the sales team is coming from and allows me to take my ideas and create something that they can use."

Why do you think the Caring Transition franchise model has been so successful, especially recently? 

"Like everything, COVID has impacted Caring Transitions. Although it slowed down many businesses, it actually identified a greater need for Caring Transitions services. Also, we are constantly trying to make our business better to benefit our franchise owners and the families they serve. For instance, we recently updated our online platform CTBIDS, which is proprietary to Caring Transitions franchise owners. CTBIDS takes the experience of an estate sale, and puts it online in an organized way as if someone is actually attending an in-person estate sale. We were breaking records on the old platform and now with this update it has catapulted our business to the next level."

What do you think is the biggest benefit of the franchise model and specifically, Caring Transitions?  

"I recently spoke to a new Caring Transitions franchise owner who started out by doing a similar business on her own. When I asked her how she priced her services, she said “horribly.” She mentioned she was not able to make money off of her business because she didn’t know how to properly price different jobs. This highlights the reason people invest in a franchise, because we have the model, processes, and support team to help the business owner make money right away and be successful in the long term."

Caring Transitions Moving Boxes

What are some challenges that you find in your role or with new/potential franchise owners? 

"It is a long process and as salespeople we have to paint the picture of what it is and how it works, and keep them excited at the prospect of being a franchise owner. In addition my team faces the challenge of explaining what the Caring Transitions business model is all about.  The positive is that once they find out about the services offered by Caring Transitions, they can relate. Everyone has their own life experience with transitioning a household and those experiences help to solidify for them the true impact the business can have." 

Do you have words of advice for someone considering franchise ownership? 

"If someone is looking for a way to start a business with a relatively low investment that can generate revenue right away, a franchise can help them do that. Of course, with any kind of franchise it is important to consider the systems, processes and procedures, knowledge, and know-how in place that help franchise owners achieve success. At Caring Transition, we have worked out all of that and provide our new franchise owners with what they need to get started fast and to be profitable." 

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