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Join the Winner’s Circle to Get Your Franchise for Free!

Franchise Fee Reimbursement? We Just Made That a Reality

  • Earn Your Entire Franchise Fee Back!
  • Multi-Tier, Milestone ApproachCaring Transitions Winner's Circle
  • Strictly Performance-Based; No Jumping Through Hoops!

Feel like you could successfully run your own business and make a difference in your community if someone would just give you the chance? Well, at Caring Transitions, we have created a program for people just like you. We call it: The Winners’ Circle.

The franchising model is a great system that has proven itself over several generations, adapting as needed throughout various trends and evolutions, various law systems, and more. If you think of the national chains you are familiar with, odds are they are using a franchising model, at least in part (and very possibly entirely). And yet, the Franchise Fee drives many great owners away. We decided it was about time someone did something about that.

That’s why, at Caring Transitions, we’ve done everything we can to empower those with the desire to achieve success while making a difference in their community. We have virtually no overhead, minimal startup costs, and, now, we’re pioneering the industry by developing a way to remove the biggest barrier to owning a franchise: the initial fee.

As stated above, there are no additional steps or hidden agendas. You will simply be running your business to be the most successful it can be (and our business coaches will be helping you accomplish that). Over the course of the first four years of your business, you will have revenue goals, and you will be cut a check for some of your franchise fee, earning all of it back over the lifetime of the program. This provides you with attainable goals that are designed to be the best you can be. What’s more, this is not pass-fail. What if you made your goals the first couple of years and then hit a rough patch? Well, you still get to keep whatever you already earned back.

Many people think this sounds too good to be true. But think about it. Successful franchisees are what make successful franchise systems. There are two big reasons for the insanely high franchise fees most places charge: 1) to protect the franchise system’s investment in the new owner and 2) by being so expensive, it makes it much more likely those purchasing the business have had success somewhere else in their lives previously.

However, anyone would gladly forgo the franchise fee for someone if they could look out into the future and see this person was going to be a model franchise owner. Well, at Caring Transitions, we maybe can’t see the future, but we have found a way to adjust the present to make it line up with the history as it unfolds. It’s just one more way the Caring Transitions franchise system is changing the industry. What are you waiting for? Contact us today, and Franchise Director will get in touch with you to tell you all about this special program.