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Lee Fulton Brings Caring Transitions to the Brandywine Valley

Lee Fulton has an extensive amount of experience in relocating, including more than ten moves for older adults. Now we’re excited to see her combine that experience, her passion for family and her desire to own her own business with the launch of her new franchise, Caring Transitions of the Brandywine Valley.

“From lots of personal experience, I know how challenging a transition can be. I’ve managed nearly a dozen moves for my own family. Even more challenging were the ten moves that I managed for seniors in my family, first downsizing into smaller homes and apartments, then into Assisted Living, Nursing or Memory Care. Each Senior Move was full of stress for my senior family members and for me. They worried about what to take, and how they would let their treasured possessions go. I worried about how we would ever get it all done, and how many vacation days, weekends and flights it would require. Emotions ran high, and through many tears of frustration, I thought, ‘There has to be a better way.’ There is a better way – Caring Transitions!,” Lee said.

Lee grew up in Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Coal Region and has lived in the Brandywine Valley for nearly 30 years. She has science degrees from Penn State, and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon. She has worked in government, industry and nonprofits and has long volunteered in child welfare and education. Fulton is excited to help Brandywine Valley families through the challenges of their life transitions.

“Our mission is to make life’s transitions smooth and stress-free. We handle the details, so that you can focus on what’s really important - your family. And it’s really important that we get you through your life transitions efficiently. Life transitions like Senior Moves take 9-12 months to complete on your own. By partnering with Caring Transitions, we’ll help you complete your transition in only 3-4 weeks. That helps you avoid the huge monthly costs of owning a home, and gets your home quickly listed for sale,” she said.

Lee Fulton, Caring Transitions Owners