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Caring Transitions Franchise Owners Make a Difference in their Communities

Caring transitions franchise owner and family

Caring Transitions is one of those unique and fulfilling business opportunities that allows you to make a significant difference in the lives of seniors and their families by providing several vital services during some of the most stressful and emotional times in their lives. Whether an adult child is helping their mom move into a safer living situation, clearing out the home of a deceased parent who lives four states away, or just helping to declutter or right-size their parent’s home, the physical and emotional labor of these transitions can be exhausting and costly for all involved. Although most people can make these transitions themselves or with the help of their loved ones, it can often take a year or more to accomplish. Not many people have a year to spend clearing out attics and hosting estate sales, especially if they live far away from their aging loved one.  

This is where Caring Transitions comes in to provide a wide variety of essential services catering to each client’s individual needs. 

Here’s How Caring Transitions Franchise Owners Make a Difference:

For Seniors: Caring Transitions franchise owners can turn a potentially stressful relocation process into a much better experience for their senior clients.  They provide a unique relocation and resettling plan that helps seniors decide which possessions to take to their new home, which possessions to sell or discard, and how to design a floor plan in the new space that will best suit their needs. Next, they carefully resettle their client into their new home by unpacking boxes and organizing the new home in the same way the old home was organized, helping the home feel more familiar right away.  Once the move is complete, Caring Transitions teams work on preparing the previous home for sale by doing a full clean-out complete with estate sales, online auctions, and whatever other solutions are necessary. Caring Transitions franchise owners and their teams are Senior Move Managers who make a significant difference in their clients’ lives.

For Families: The homes of our loved ones can feel like museums housing the stories of their lives, especially after they have passed away. When families need to clear out those homes, whether they live next door or across the country, it can be a time-consuming and emotional process. Caring Transitions owners and teams help speed up clearing out a home while working closely with the family to make sure all possessions are treated with compassion and respect.  

caring transitions relocation team

The Market: Today there are more than 46-million adults over 65 in the United States and, as that population grows by more than 10,000 every single day, the senior services market continues to grow. As older adults are more likely to live away from their families, the need for a service like Caring Transitions is greater than ever.

YOU are the Solution: As a Caring Transitions franchise owner, you get to be the solution. Caring Transitions can do in three to four weeks what might take a family an entire year. You can take that stress off a family’s shoulders so they can enjoy their time together to either celebrate a new chapter or to grieve a lost loved one. You can build a fast-growing, successful business by providing customized solutions that improve the lives of seniors and their families. That is what it means to become a Caring Transitions franchise owner.

Now is the perfect time to be a part of the booming senior services industry by investing in this low-cost, home-based franchise opportunity.  Fill out the inquiry form today to learn more about owning a Caring Transitions franchise.

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