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Meet Some of 2021’s Newest Caring Transitions Franchisees

The first quarter of 2021 saw growth in the footprint of the Caring Transitions network in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Arkansas, California, Texas, New York and Virginia.  Caring Transitions has proven to be a pandemic resistant franchise model as it is not only growing its number of locations during this challenging time, but it is also growing sales revenue through multiple revenue streams.  Because Caring Transitions is a home-based business it has a low total initial investment and can be launched quickly.  Many new owners have clients and jobs lined up before they complete their initial training!

Meet the new owners:

Mark & Shawn Gates CT Owners

Mark & Shawn Gates, Caring Transitions - Twin Cities East

“When I retired, I knew I wanted to do something Shawn and I could do together, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. When we found Caring Transitions, we realized this was a great opportunity to provide a much-needed service to the community and a means to building a philanthropic platform to support the communities we serve. We are excited to build Caring Transitions – Twin Cities East, from right here in our hometown,” Mark said.

Learn more about Mark & Shawn Gates here.

Joe Abbascia, Caring Transitions of Greater Worcester

“Caring Transitions is a unique, turn-key solution to help clients downsize, manage a senior move and sort the home for donations and valuables to be sold on our online auction platform, helping families to get to their next chapter in life. Those can all be stressful situations and, when you work with Caring Transitions, we take that stress off your shoulders so you can focus on your family, “Abbascia said.

Learn more about Joe Abbascia here.

Piatts Caring Transitions Jonesboro

Mark & Tara Piatt, Caring Transitions of Jonesboro

“When my stepfather passed away, my mom was left with more stuff than she could handle alone. I went to visit her in Cincinnati over the summer – and we were still going through his things – and that’s when I found Caring Transitions. First I saw four ads for their online auctions and, as I did my research, I realized that the end-to-end solution Caring Transitions can offer to clients was something my community could use and I’d enjoy. Caring Transitions allows us to make a real difference for people here in the Jonesboro area,” Mark said.

Learn more about Mark & Tara Piatt here.

Rachel Weissmann, Caring Transitions of Glendale

“I love estate sales and talking to people about the treasures they’ve gathered throughout their lives, which is what drew me to Caring Transitions. To be able to turn that treasure hunt into a business that can really help people on their journey to their next stage in life is a wonderful opportunity,” Weissmann said.

Learn more about Rachel Weissman here.

Weissmann Caring Transitions Glendale
Steven Grimm Caring Transitions Manassas

Steven Grimm, Caring Transitions of Manasses

“I wanted to build a business and make a difference in the community. Caring Transitions speaks to me because it allows me to work with seniors and have a positive impact,” he said. “I fully understand what families are going through. We’ve relocated many times in life and have worked to provide the right space for an ill family member. I know it’s tough and we can help. Whether you’re relocating a loved one or clearing out the house of someone who has passed, the Caring Transitions team can truly help ease the situation.

Learn more about Steven Grimm here.

Kimberley Bigby & Happie Dunn-Henry, Caring Transitions of Port Jefferson

“We’ve always said a person should have two careers – the one you have to do and the one that feeds your soul. We are excited to launch Caring Transitions because this is the path that will feed our souls. When someone calls on Caring Transitions, they instantly become part of our family. Our hearts are open, we are here to help, and we promise to always Find a Way, Make a Way, for our clients,” Kim said.

Learn more about Kimberley Bigby & Happie here. 

Kim Bigby and Happie Dunn-Henry, Caring Transitions Franchise Owners

Steve and Gina Dieterichs, Caring Transitions of Granbury

“Caring Transitions strives to be the total solution and on-site advocate, keeping families’ best interests at heart by minimizing stress and maximizing results. This advocacy is what first drew us to Caring Transitions,” Steve said. “As the country’s first national franchising concept specializing in senior moving, downsizing and estate sales, Caring Transitions has laid a strong brand foundation in the liquidation services industry and the team at Caring Transitions of Granbury has worked hard to be the most trusted and respected provider of move management and senior relocation services in our territory. We look forward to continuing that tradition of service and compassion.”

Learn more about Steve & Gina Dieterichs here.

Jared & Victoria Erfle, Caring Transitions of Santa Clarita

“I sold a home to a gentleman in 2007 and, last year, he called me back to sell that same home again. The house sold in one day, but moving was a seven-month process. We included a lot of larger furniture items in the sale, but he was selling most of his smaller items himself on eBay. When I came across Caring Transitions and they took over the process, it became a seamless operation. That experience truly taught me the value of what Caring Transitions can do and, having helped many families through challenges as a real estate broker, Victoria and I saw an opportunity to serve my community in a new way,” Jared Transitions of Santa Clarita

Learn more about Jared & Victoria Erfle here.

Though these new owners came from varying backgrounds, they all saw the value in investing in a low cost franchise in the booming senior care industry.  Caring Transitions provides franchisees with proven systems and ongoing training for both the relocation management and estate sale lines of business.  If you’d like to know more about how to become a Caring Transitions owner, fill out an inquiry form now.

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