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Why Choose a Non-Medical Senior Care Franchise Over a Home Healthcare Franchise?

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Why Choose a Non-Medical Senior Care Franchise Over a Home Healthcare Franchise?

The Baby Boomer generation is getting older, which means a fast-growing group is hitting retirement age—and all the challenges that come with it. Home healthcare businesses have been a popular franchise pursuit for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on a group of seniors who may need part-time or daily health-care assistance but do not require the full-time care of an assisted living facility. However, non-medical senior care franchises are quickly becoming a new niche in the senior care industry and proving to have a variety of benefits over home healthcare franchises.  

This oversized demand has created a flood of home healthcare franchises, now offering an array of help from in-home nursing, to therapy, to personal care. However, this group’s needs extend far beyond healthcare, it would be more beneficial for an entrepreneur to pursue a non-medical franchise over a home care franchise. This growing market seeks to assist seniors facing the overwhelming prospect of needing to downsize and relocate.

Looking ahead, entrepreneurs have identified a market based around the unique needs of aging seniors during their times of transitions. These senior service franchises oversee a wide range of non-medical services, including everything from downsizing services, relocation management, to estate sale coordination.

If you’re passionate about working with older adults, there are many benefits in choosing a non-medical franchise. For one, running a home healthcare business is comparable to running a staffing agency requiring ongoing hiring and job placement. 

With a non-medical franchise such as Caring Transitions, staffing is minimal and easier to find more qualified employees. Caring Transition employees do not have to have medical training, and the franchise insurance needs are lower than a healthcare focused franchise. In addition, the franchise operator is not required to have specific medical credentials to run the business.

Moving can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, especially for older individuals and their families. The demand is high for companies that offer efficient services with plenty of compassion toward those who are experiencing this change, as well as compassion towards their belongings. Moreover, senior relocation is not a 24/7 commitment like healthcare can be. Services and offerings can be tailored around the operator’s schedule providing more flexibility. 

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Transitional franchises such as Caring Transitions offer multiple revenue streams, which makes owning a franchise similar to running multiple businesses in one. In addition to managing the logistics of a move, Caring Transitions owners also coordinate and facilitate traditional on-site estate sales as well as online auctions utilizing CTBIDS

The demand for senior relocation, downsizing and estate sale services is steep and will only continue to grow. In the year 2020, 30% more retired-aged Americans relocated than in the previous years.  Whether it was for a lower cost of living or to be closer to loved ones. This exploding population of seniors is looking to stay independent while recognizing they may need to look for outside assistance to help with tasks related to downsizing and relocation. Furthermore, these services not only help seniors, but they also help families going through this stressful time, by freeing up time to focus on their loved one’s care.  

Why Caring Transitions?

Caring Transitions is the nation’s foremost non-medical senior care franchise. Ranked #1 Senior Relocation Franchise for five years running by Entrepreneur magazine, Caring Transitions specializes in a full-service approach to manage downsizing, relocation, and estate sales.

Franchise owners join a brand with more than 30 years of experience, and enjoy the benefits of a growing network of other Caring Transitions owners with many satisfied customers. Caring Transitions franchise ownership offers a proven system for success with minimal start-up costs and virtually no overhead. Plus, our Winner’s Circle program offers the opportunity to have your entire franchise fee refunded when you reach certain milestones in the first two years of business.

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