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Power Franchise Couple – The Begg’s

Working in groups allows for collaboration since everyone brings different skill sets to the table. When couples decide to buy a franchise together they benefit from knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and can support and balance each other. Couples who use their strong skills and knowledge strengthen the business. The most

important aspect of working with any team is understanding what each other needs and using that to benefit the business.

It’s All About R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Dennis and Michelle Beggs are Caring Transitions owners in Jacksonville, Florida. Initially, working with their significant other presented some challenges, but as they became established, they used their strengths to their advantage. Michelle says, “We pretty much have our routines in place, we know how we work together. I think right from the get-go the most important thing is just to have respect for your spouse, what they bring to the table. We have very different skillsets, so he respected the fact that I can go out and build relationships and do client

consultations. And likewise, I respect the fact that he is awesome at operations and that is not where my strong point is. So being very clear and respecting what your spouse’s space is, I think has really helped us figure out how we continue to better our working relationship.”

Dennis and Michelle Begg

Dennis sees working with your significant other the same as working on a team and you “Need to operate like a high performing team. You need to be clear and carve your space out on that team. You need respect on both sides. You need to play your role and know your role.” A very important part of working with your significant other is not trying to do each other’s jobs and realizing you both have separate, but equally important roles. It makes you much more successful business owners when you respect those roles.

Work/Life Balance

The biggest piece of advice Michelle shares is that when working with your significant other, “Don’t talk about work all the time.” It’s easy to get caught up in talking about work all the time, but it’s still important to have a personal relationship that doesn’t discuss work. It’s vital to just go out to dinner and turn off all the work talk, so you can also bond as a couple in your home life. You want to maintain those boundaries, so you don’t lose your personal relationship.