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Power Franchise Couple – The Bleichwehl’s

Benjamin, Scott, Leilani Bleichwehl

Benjamin and Leilani Bleichwehl went into business together because “we have worked together before and know that we are a good team. Our strengths complement each other.” Going into business with your significant other is easier when you have different skill sets, so you can easily plug yourselves into those roles without having to worry about stepping on the other’s toes. Remember, although it’s beneficial to have different interests within the business, you should be equally passionate about the business itself.

Sharing and Balancing the Work

Benjamin, Scott, Leilani Bleichwehl

When working for a team in general it’s also important to utilize each member’s experience and knowledge. No doubt, we can all can recall working with a group where there was a struggle because members didn’t agree with their role. Benjamin and Leilani love that “there are tasks that one of us likes going that the other can’t stand, and most importantly we both love most aspects of the business.” Balancing out each other skills is hard work, but when it happens, it causes a chain of successes.

Advice from Our Owners

When interviewing couples for this article we asked what their biggest piece of advice is, and they agreed that, “Don’t get sick at the same time and new babies also add a whole new world of time management to your work-from-home schedule.”

Working with your significant other isn’t always the best solution – sometimes it won’t work as well as our lovely couples featured here. You will need to spend a lot of time with that other person, so it’s important that you respect one another’s skills and strive to find that balance in business ownership and business management.