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Power Franchise Couple – The Seng’s

Dave and Robbie Caring Transitions

When you become a Caring Transitions owner, you are assisting those in your community by helping seniors and their families. This kind of career requires a passion for what you do. It can make the day to day easier when working with someone you have a deeper connection with.

There are many reasons to go into business with your significant other, one of the reasons that Robbie and Dave Seng, Caring Transition Owners of the Grand Valley, went into business together was because they were unhappy with their “day jobs” and desperately wanted to live and work in Colorado. They were in a place in their corporate careers where they needed a change.

Recognizing Your Partners Talents

When one of them was laid off, that served as a trigger point to ditch the corporate world and go into business for themselves. They knew that neither of them would have been successful on their own, so they decided to research business opportunities and ended up with Caring Transitions because they felt that was a good match for them. They said, “we each have unique and special talents—and we each recognize those talents in our partner. We knew that with our combination of talents we could make this opportunity work.”

Trust is Key

Robbie emphasized that it’s better being in business with your significant other because she “depends on him 24/7 and I couldn’t find another business partner that would be there for me in that capacity.” She knows “that Dave will do an outstanding job, treat our clients very well and treat our staff well. His work ethic matches mine. I don’t even give it a second thought.”

Dave and Robbie Seng

It helps makes them successful that they have so much trust in each other. You have a different kind of bond with your significant other than your business partner, making it more meaningful than a typical day job. Dave says he “really enjoys seeing the moment that Robbie solves our clients’ problems—she can find a solution to an impossible problem. I appreciate her creative talents and enjoy being there when it happens.” He also emphasized again that they complement each other.

Different Work Styles

Working with your significant other can propose some challenges, for instance, Robbie works like the “energizer bunny.” She said it’s hard for her to turn it off, she can work for weeks on end and not even realize she didn’t have a day off, while Dave is the opposite. Having different priorities this way can sometimes lead to issues, but with good communication, it doesn’t cause problems.

Working with your significant other can be very rewarding, but also poses some challenges. Robbie and Dave agree that they wouldn’t do anything differently if they had to start another Caring Transitions business together.