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Record Breaking Growth in 2016

With 50 or more locations expected to open their doors for business in 2017, the leading senior services brand is expected to help more members of the growing elderly population than ever before.

  Seniors today are living longer than they ever have before. The global elderly population is growing at unprecedented rates—estimates show that there will be more than two billion people age 60 and older by 2050. That means the need for senior services is at an all-time high. And even though this heightened demand means that the industry is getting more crowded and competitive, Caring Transitions, with its unique focus on liquidations, relocations, and organization continues to stand out as the brand to beat. Caring Transitions has experienced tremendous growth in 2016. So far this year, the brand has opened 41 new locations in communities across the country. And that rapid expansion trend isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. In fact, Caring Transitions is positioned to open another 50 plus units throughout 2017. "This is an exciting time to be a part of the Caring Transitions brand. There’s a real demand for our services out there, and our franchisees—both existing and prospective—have the opportunity to capitalize on it," said Sean Mulcahey, digital marketing manager at Caring Transitions. "We’re looking forward to opening our doors in new communities in the months and years to come, which ultimately allows us to help more seniors and families in need of extra support." Caring Transitions’ unrivaled and wide variety of services play a big role in the brand’s consistent success. The brand is known for helping seniors relocate and downsize as they age in a compassionate and graceful manner by organizing and sorting through personal belongings, interviewing and screening movers, facilitating the packing and unpacking process and handling address changes with government offices. Caring Transitions also organizes and manages estate sales and online auctions. Another factor fueling the brand’s nationwide growth is its commitment to improving its systems. Caring Transitions recently updated its training and reference materials that cover topics ranging from operations and marketing to sales and general franchising trends to ensure that its franchisees have the most accurate and up to date information at their disposal. The brand is also in the process of developing a new tool that will allow local owners to plug in the variables of each potential job and receive a detailed analysis of costs, resources required, and profitability. This will allow franchisees to effectively communicate with their clients, set clear expectations and ensure that jobs are done right and will lead to a profit. That tool is in addition to Caring Transitions’ new and improved online platform that enables franchisees to communicate with one another, ultimately building more comradery and a stronger support team. Moving forward into the new year, Caring Transitions is also placing a greater emphasis on public relations to tell franchisee and client stories through both local and national media outlets. The brand is dedicating more resources to its online auction site for estate sales as well, which will improve user quality and continue to drive purchases and referrals. The platform is already seeing hits from millions of potential buyers, making it a major source of revenue and successful leg of Caring Transitions’ business. Every part of the brand’s system is designed to boost franchisee performance and fuel Caring Transitions’ growth as a whole. The brand’s small liquidation pricing strategy, for example, allows owners to take on smaller jobs for larger profits. Its franchisees also have access to a catalog of commonly sold items to use as a reference for pricing during estate sales. It’s also incredibly affordable for entrepreneurs to get started with Caring Transitions—new owners can expect their initial investments to range from $58,112 to $85,812. "The franchisees we bring into our system come from a wide array of professional backgrounds. There is no one job that leads to success here. We always look for people that are organized, energetic and display a genuine desire to help seniors and their families work through challenging events in their lives. They must also show they have the ability to use all of the resources we provide to establish relationships in their community and build their business," said Chris Seman, president of Caring Transitions. "Our current network of franchisees has built a strong brand through their hard work. I’m always excited to show this to incoming franchise candidates, so that they can have the confidence to invest in Caring Transitions as an owner themselves."