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Retired Lieutenant Colonel Brings Caring Transitions to Middletown, Ohio

For Justin Lavadour, finding solutions to complex problems is more than a passion – it’s the foundation on which he built his career. Now, after more than 20 years working in logistics for the United States Air Force, Lavadour is pleased to announce the launch of his new solutions-based business – Caring Transitions of Middletown.

This new senior-focused relocation and estate-clearing company serves Springboro, Waynesville, Marrow, Oregonia, Middletown, Monroe, Franklin, Lebanon and the surrounding areas. Caring Transitions’ specially-trained professionals handle decluttering, organizing, packing, moving, resettling, in-home estate sales and online auctions, estate clearing and preparing homes for market.

Lavadour is a retired Lieutenant Colonel with more than 20 years of service in the United States Air Force. During his time with the military, Lavadour provided relocation services for United States and Allied military forces around the world. His specialty was organizing stressful and chaotic environments and finding solutions to complex challenges. His most recent assignment was to evaluate and redesign the process for how the Air Force plans moves.

“I was always prepared to move anyone or anything anywhere at any time. I moved everything from cars to equipment to soldiers and every move required its own plan and its own backup plan. I’ve also moved 35 times in my life, which is a lot, even for someone in the military,” Lavadour said. “When I started thinking about what I wanted to do next, I realized that Caring Transitions would be a great way to use my experience to serve something bigger than myself and make a difference.”

Lavadour also understands the impact relocations and estate clearings can have on families – he has helped provide care for aging grandparents and relatives and he has been part of family discussions about transitioning older relatives.

Large Caring Transitions Team“I know how traumatic transitions can be, whether you’re right-sizing, moving into assisted living or clearing out a loved one’s home. It’s hard and it’s emotional, even when you have a plan in place. If you were to write down every decision that has to be made in those situations and put them on a wall, you’d easily cover the wall. So you can either make all of those decisions individually or you can make one decision to let my team and I take care of that wall for you,” Lavadour said. “That’s what we are here for – to alleviate the stress of those transitions and to solve whatever problems you are facing.”

Caring Transitions of Middletown, which is part of the national Caring Transitions franchise, is bonded and insured. All employees are CRT trained and background checked. For additional information, call 937-401-2842, email or visit