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10 Reasons to Invest in a Senior Services Franchise in 2021

Thinking about starting a senior services franchise? With 75 million seniors needing help downsizing, decluttering, and moving as well as the population of retirement-age Americans growing every day, the timing couldn’t be better.

A Meaningful Industry

The senior care industry is worth over $740 billion and is both pandemic-proof and recession-resistant, with long-term sustainability and growth potential, as baby boomers age and the senior population grows by 20 percent every 10 years. These newer generations of seniors will have different, evolving needs than previous contemporaries, presenting qualified and compassionate business owners ample opportunity to provide the support and care that is essential to these vital members of our communities. 

All of us have had direct or indirect experience with watching senior loved ones face transitional challenges. The senior care industry affords entrepreneurs the chance to build a business that directly and positively impacts the lives of seniors in their communities.

The Benefits of Franchising

Whether or not you are new to the senior services industry, franchising with a trusted and proven brand provides many advantages that independent operations simply do not offer. Entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to be their own bosses while benefiting from lower startup costs, built-in infrastructure, training, ongoing support, and an established franchise network, as opposed to taking on the legwork and unpredictability often involved with an independent business venture. 

The right franchise provides a fully scalable business model, allowing you to grow your footprint with the backing of a successful and motivated brand. Within this structure, you will also have access to some of the best partnerships, vendors, and resources that are available to you as the direct result of your status as the owner of an established franchise. Caring Transitions is proud to maintain referral partnerships with real estate professionals, nursing home directors, attorneys, and, most importantly, satisfied customers.

Marketing support is essential in an industry for which customer service and outreach are paramount. Knowing how to market can be a challenge for a new entrepreneur. With a franchise, marketing is prioritized and managed by a team of professional experts in order to set you on the path for success and reach your target audience, wherever you may be located. 

The Caring Transitions marketing team provides franchisees with a wealth of support, including:

  • Social media marketing and advertising strategy
  • Customized local website for your business
  • Localized SEO and search campaigns to drive traffic to your website
  • Market-specific collateral
  • National Public Radio Campaigns
  • National PR and branding program

Support starts on day one with a comprehensive on-site training program at Caring Transitions' corporate office, followed by an in-depth 90-day onboarding process that puts new owners in the best position to launch their business. Above all else, franchisees receive an ongoing business coach who will guide them to achieve their personal and business goals.

Looking Ahead

Baby boomers are the wealthiest generation in recent history, and that level of buying power means that they expect a lot of value in return for their investments. Unfortunately, the broader senior care industry still maintains a lot of antiquated practices and services. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs stand to build their business by providing customizable services that people want and need, meeting them where they are as opposed to limiting possibilities within an outdated model.

The world is adjusting as we emerge from a global pandemic, and companies that address the evolving needs of our senior neighbors in a post-pandemic landscape will be well-suited to rise to the top of a booming industry. COVID-19 may have impeded many industries, but senior care and relocation certainly wasn’t one of them. Due to the pandemic, roughly 20 percent of the U.S. population relocated, had someone move in with them, or know someone else who did.

Caring Transitions: An Industry Standout 

Caring Transitions has always been considered an essential business, particularly during a challenging year when they were able to work in tandem with other senior care providers to move seniors in and out of facilities seamlessly and successfully at the height of a global pandemic. Caring Transitions is uniquely qualified to attend to the specific relocation, downsizing, decluttering, and reselling needs of a vital and growing population, particularly in a shifting world.


Caring Transitions franchisees join an award-winning brand offering multiple revenue streams including CTBIDS, a truly innovative platform which acts as a virtual estate sale. CTBIDS saw it sales grow in 2020 as many people were forced to stay home without the ability to hold traditional estate sales. The online auction site sets Caring Transitions apart from the competition and creates an extra revenue source for franchisees.

Franchisees are afforded low startup costs, low overhead, Franchise Fee reimbursement program, and the support of a brand that is invested in their success, both professionally and personally.

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