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Own Your Own Business with a Franchise

Franchising allows both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs to buy into an existing business with proven training and support. If you want to start a business and can follow a proven system, franchising may be the best option for you. Many of our Caring Transitions franchise owners are thankful for the franchise system because of the guidance of the corporate support team.

“They give me guidelines and a lot of guidance, but I really get to create my own revenue streams the way I want to do it," said Caring Transitions owner Susie Rowan. "The possibilities are endless for what you can turn your business into.”

Buying a franchise allows you to start a business with a head start. Here are some highlights of investing in a franchise:

  • Brand Recognition - Franchise owners benefit from being part of a larger, successful company that has value in the eyes of potential customers.
  • Proven Method of Success – Franchising offers entrepreneurs a stable, tested model for running a successful business.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams - Caring Transitions brings together three high-demand services into one; Relocations, Downsizing & Decluttering and Estate Sales. 
  • Ongoing Support - Franchise companies have a staff dedicated to providing continuous training and assistance to franchisees, so franchisees are never alone when building and running their business.
  • Marketing and Technology – Franchises offer entrepreneurs marketing strategies, tools, collateral and have initiatives in place to drive consumers and maximize brand equity. Hit the ground running with a proven brand, professional identity and a day-by-day marketing plan.
  • A Network of Peers - Franchising not only provides corporate support but also a network of peers to use for business development strategies and advice.

Overall, franchising is the best of both worlds! You get the independence and fulfillment of owning your own business, but also the support, knowledge, and tools of a national brand. They’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to market, run, and grow a successful company. All you need is an entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and desire to succeed.

Find Out If A Caring Transitions Franchise Is Right For You!

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