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Strategic Franchising Now Offering Growth Coach Training to Every New Franchisee

Strategic Franchising’s World-Class Training Now Offering Individualized Growth Coach© Training for Every New Franchisee

Strategic Franchising now provides The Growth Coach’s strategic approach coaching to every new franchisee upon launch of their new business. The coaching is a compliment to the personal business coaching each franchisee already receives from Caring Transitions corporate office. This program, named Strategic Start, focuses on a long-range strategic approach, accountability processes and work-life balance coaching. It’s a confidential, one-on-one coaching delivered via telephone. Caring Transitions corporate office pays for the program, so it is of no additional cost to each franchise owner. The new owner can use the coaching for advice, support, a different perspective, feedback, ideas and strategies. The program is being offered to provide each new owner with a confidant, objective advisor, a professional coach. The Growth Coach’s process will help each new franchisee:
  • Slow down, reflect and plan
  • Map out critical changes
  • Grow the business
  • Balance work-life
Strategic Start Program Details
  • Two regularly scheduled 30-minute telephone coaching sessions each month for 6 months
  • Convenient, focused, individualized coaching designed to take a strategic approach to your business to strengthen it
  • Assistance with increased accountability with life balance in mind
About The Growth Coach The Growth Coach is an organization that is founded on the principle of driving success and balancing life. The mission of The Growth Coach is to coach business owners, professionals, managers and sales teams to be more successful through the Strategic Mindset Process and ongoing accountability coaching. The company was founded in 2002 and has coached thousands of business professional across the globe to reach new heights and success.
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