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Caring Transitions Franchise Owner Spotlight : Tom and LieAnn Wade, Loudon, VA

Tom and LieAnn Wade knew they wanted to be in business FOR themselves, but they also knew they did NOT want to be in business BY themselves.  So, in their quest to find the ideal business to launch, they decided to investigate franchise opportunities.  During this discovery process the Wades looked at several franchise brands, but the brands they found were either too restrictive or not supportive enough, until they came across Caring Transitions.

“With Caring Transitions, we found the right balance of support.  We really appreciate the structure that our business coach, Angela, gives us. We also have the flexibility to make this business our own so that we can focus on the unique needs of our territory.”  LieAnn said when asked why they chose Caring Transitions. “When talking to existing Caring Transitions franchise owners during our discovery process, we also found that the entire network is incredibly helpful and eager to share best practices with other owners.”

The Wades bring together two very different professional backgrounds that have proven to be an ideal combination when it comes to owning a Caring Transitions franchise. Tom has a 30-year background in finance during which time he had the opportunity to help launch a new management consulting firm.  Lieann has a 20-year background in nursing during which time she worked with older patients who had suffered strokes.  Because of the experiences each of them had in their respective fields, it was easy for them to see the value that a proven brand in the senior care industry would bring to their community.

Why Own A Business?

Both Tom and LieAnn were ready to own their own business after they helped a family member start an independent restaurant several years ago.  They found that they both wanted to be able to work for themselves and not someone else in order to have more control over their schedule and future. Tom enjoyed the daily challenges of small business ownership that he experienced while helping to launch the restaurant and the management consulting firm.  He found it fulfilling that each day was different with a new set of issues to solve.  LieAnn was committed to finding a business that would allow her to serve her community in a beneficial way which aligns with her past experiences as a nurse.  Additionally, they both knew they wanted to start a unique business and not just open “another yogurt stand”.  

They also knew what an enormous time commitment it would be to start a business from the ground up.  They had experienced this with both the restaurant and consulting firm as well.  

Why Choose Franchising?

When asked about why they chose to investigate franchising, Tom said, “I saw the amount of work it took to launch the consulting firm and knew that we wanted to find a much faster on ramp to starting our own business.  Creating a service model and perfecting a brand takes an incredible amount of time and energy that we did not want to have to spend.  We were more interested in owning and running a business than creating one. That’s why we saw the value in franchising.” 

Why Choose Caring Transitions?

The Wades have big plans for growing their Caring Transitions of Loudon, VA business, which they opened in December 2019.  LieAnn says they plan on hiring several team leads in the near future.  This will allow her to step away from the day-to-day operation of the business and spend more time on strategic planning for growth.  With the help of their business coach from the Caring Transitions home office, they know they will be able to scale their business far beyond what they might be able to do had they launched an independent business of their own.  They not only have a strong network of franchise owners around the country and the support of the home office team, but they also have a brand with national recognition and proven operations and marketing systems to leverage as they work to grow their business.

If you are looking for a unique business opportunity in a growing industry like senior care, check out Caring Transitions.

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