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Two New Caring Transitions Launch in the West

We’re off to a great start this November! Caring Transitions has successfully launched two new Caring Transitions Franchises in just the Western United States. We are excited to grow our business and help more seniors and their families.

Tim and Heather Baker Launch Caring Transitions South Bay/PV

Tim and Heather Baker are excited to launch their new Caring Transitions of South Bay/PV. Tim and Heather have lived in Torrance since 1990 and their two daughters, Jasmine and Ginger, attended Torrance High School. Tim has spent the past 27 years as a consumer product developer and Heather worked as a professional organizer and associate pastor. Tim and Heather were both thinking about their next steps in their careers and that’s when they came across Caring Transitions.

“We recently moved two parents to a smaller house and one parent to assisted living, so we understand the emotional and physical challenges of those kinds of transitions. Sometimes it takes a lot of hand-holding and that’s OK. We care about the people in our community and we want to work with each individual client to create a plan that works and then walk them compassionately through the process,” Tim said. “We are problem solvers and we understand that every situation is unique. That’s why we don’t offer cookie-cutter services.”

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Tim and Heather Baker, Caring Transitions of South Bay/PV

Asha Kawamoto Brings Caring Transitions Business to North West Denver

Ash Kawamoto is excited to launch her new business Caring Transitions of North West Denver. Ash understands what it takes to relocate an older loved one, she has had first-hand experience with this when she helped her parents through their transition and is ready to help the senior community in the North West Denver Area. 

Before launching her Caring Transitions, Asha worked as a project manager for the last 30 years. She moved to Colorado 20 years ago because she loves the mountains and outdoor activities. Her family is very active in the community. They are excited to have an even bigger impact on the community by starting their Caring Transitions business.

“My mom (78) and dad (82) both live with us and I saw how difficult it was for them to downsize, move and adjust to the new living situation. I understand how having a third party to come in and help can make a huge difference,” Asha said. “These transitions can be difficult given how long the seniors have lived in their homes; it is so hard for them to give up all those memories, downsize and move to a smaller space. During these challenging times, it is our goal at Caring Transitions of North West Denver to minimize the stress and make this as much of a positive experience as possible.”

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Asha Kawamoto, Caring Transitions of North West Denver