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Use Your Military Veteran Skills as a Franchise Owner

Think back to your time in the military. Did you enjoy guiding people, helping them discover important details so that they could get the job done? If so, it’s not surprising. The military depends on people being able to teach others and provide clear communication on expectations. But, did you know that this skill set makes you a great candidate to be a Caring Transitions owner? Below are a couple of ways you will use your veteran teaching experience everyday as a Caring Transitions owner:

Guide Clients Through Tough Decisions

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When you are a Caring Transitions owner, you will start out as the project manager. When people contact you for their services, they are often overwhelmed by a process they aren’t sure how to handle. You’ll be guiding them through finding what items they need to keep, what they should sell, and what they can donate. You’ll also be able to provide them with knowledge of the road ahead, priceless information to those who feel lost and not sure what the next step should be.

Get to Know Your Personnel

It won’t just be your customers that you’ll be teaching and leading. You’ll also be leading your team of employees. Get to know them. Help them find areas they can improve on. Take advantage of their strengths. Use your knowledge to keep morale high and keep turnover low.

Motivated employees that believe their employers care for them tend to work harder and can be more efficient than they do for employers that do not take the time to teach them and help solve their problems. Fortunately, as a military veteran, you have plenty of experience in that. All you must do is take those skills you learned in the military and apply them to your Caring Transitions franchise.

There are a lot of other skills as a military veteran that you can bring over to owning your own business. If you want more information, click here to read more of our blogs. Don’t just read online materials. Contact us today, and one of our Franchise Directors will respond.

Don’t let those leadership and teaching skills you spent your entire military career building go to waste working for others. We hope you go into business for yourself, and we would love to partner with you to make that happen.