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Multiple Ways to Offer Care

At Caring Transitions, we are proud to cater to the evolving needs of our aging loved ones. By offering a variety of integrated services, our franchisees get the opportunity to improve customers’ quality of life in the most personalized ways.


Retirement age adults currently constitute about 17 percent of the United States population, and with 76 million people born between 1946–1964, that number will continue to increase. Caring Transitions was founded specifically with our seniors in mind, making us uniquely positioned to cater to a dynamic section of the market with love and care.


As transition specialists, we offer our customers a range of moving services suited to their specific needs and living situations. We understand how meaningful a relocation can be, particularly for clients who are moving cross-country or out of a long lived-in family home. The support we provide goes above and beyond basic curb-to-curb details. We work with family members and caregivers and utilize a network of complementary service providers to ensure that every last detail of the process is handled with expert service and compassion. Caring Transitions certified relocations specialists facilitate the move process to ensure all belongings are handled with care and consideration. 


Caring Transitions is the national source for comprehensive downsizing, rightsizing, and move management services. We focus on any opportunities to help our customers feel most at home, wherever they are. In addition to our relocation services, our trained and caring professionals will help organize, donate items, declutter, and downsize living spaces for customers wishing to age-in-place comfortably.


By coordinating and facilitating onsite and online estate sales, Caring Transitions offers our customers yet another invaluable service to seniors and their families, while providing a unique and dynamic additional revenue stream for franchisees. Developed by our franchise owners across the country over a decade ago, CTBIDS is our one-of-a-kind auction website that manages online estate sales for Caring Transitions customers; a feature that proved especially invaluable during 2020 when revenue increased by 300 percent. With no set price and bidding starting as low as $1, the process allows customers to buy and sell unique heirlooms and everyday items at a great value, sharing and repurposing memories and contributing to a sustainable marketplace. It also offers the added bonus of reaching a regional and/or national audience for these auctions as opposed to the in-person estate sales which only allow for a local audience to partake. 

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When it comes to covering all aspects of senior relocation care, Caring Transitions handles everything.

Since being founded in 2006, Caring Transitions has expanded to over 250 franchise locations across the U.S., each owned and operated by Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists. Ranked #1 Senior Relocation Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine five years in a row, Caring Transitions maintains its position as an industry leader by providing unmatched support for both customers and franchisees.

When it comes to covering all aspects of senior relocation, Caring Transitions handles everything from planning to packing to estate sales, offering emotional support through the entire process. Our franchisees take a great deal of pride in contributing their skills and services to help their customers enter the next phase of their lives. Visit us to learn more about why becoming a Caring Transitions franchise owner may be the most rewarding career choice for you.

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