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Caring Transitions Launches Updated Release of the Nationwide Online Estate Sale Auction Site

Caring Transitions, the nation’s leading provider of senior relocation and transition services, is proud to announce the launch of the updated release of CTBIDS, the brand’s wildly popular and successful national online estate sale auction platform.

The new and improved version of the CTBIDS platform supports Caring Transitions’ robust focus on e-commerce — allowing the company to better serve the needs of clients whether they are selling unique treasures or buying them.

Jeff Carter, Chief Technology Officer for Caring Transitions

In late 2020, Caring Transitions expanded its leadership team, appointing Jeff Carter as its first Chief Technology Officer to oversee the rebuild and development of CTBIDS from the ground up — transforming it into a streamlined, more powerful and scalable e-commerce platform able to carry Caring Transitions well into the future.

“This update of CTBIDS presents a new and different approach to how technology is used in our business,” says Jeff Carter, Chief Technology Officer for Caring Transitions. “This is a living piece of proprietary technology, one that we will continually support, expand, and evolve. The testing for the new platform has been extensive. I am excited we are finally seeing its implementation. I am excited for our clients to experience this new site in action.”

CTBIDS, which is offered in desktop and mobile versions, now boasts a cloud-based infrastructure which dramatically impacts the user experience, including the speed, efficiency, security, capacity, scalability, and mobility of the platform. Clients can better search for previously owned items for sale and then bid on desired items in their local area and around the country. CTBIDS provides a place where items find new homes for things that matter, ranging from everyday household goods to unique treasures and hard to locate items.

Caring Transitions is the nation’s leading choice for senior relocations, downsizing, and estate sales. The company’s franchise owners are specially trained professionals who handle every detail of their clients’ transitions, including decluttering, organizing, packing, move management, unpacking,  resettling, cleanouts, and both in-home and online estate sales. CTBIDS can be utilized in many of those situations, whether clients are doing full scale estate sales or just looking to find homes for a few unique items.

An online auction reaches a broader audience than an in-person estate sale would, and rather than the seller pre-determining prices for each item, the bidders determine the value. This allows bidders to find great deals and unique pieces, and it enables sellers to maximize the value of their items.

“The shift toward online shopping has been in progress for many years, and the pandemic propelled the interest and need to unprecedented levels. With resale shops, physical estate sales, and in-person auctions struggling due to COVID-19 restrictions, consumers turned in mass to online platforms, including CTBIDS.” says Ray Fabik, President of Caring Transitions. “We have a commitment to our guests to bring them the best experience while they are using the CTBIDSs site.”

Ray Fabik

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