A top low-cost franchise

Think you need to be wealthy to own a Caring Transitions business? Think again - our low franchise fee and at-home operating model is designed to make business ownership available for everyone.

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Low cost investment, uncapped potential

One of the great appeals of owning a Caring Transitions business is its low franchise fee, making it more accessible to potential owners. With a home-based business model that keeps operating costs down, Caring Transitions is a very affordable option compared to other home service franchises.


Franchise Fee


Total Investment


Make your capital go further with a Caring Transitions Franchise

Minimal start up costs

A great appeal to Caring Transitions is its low franchise fee making it accessible to more entreprenuers.

Low overhead

The business model is designed to be run out of your home, keeping operating costs down. 

Easier to open

We’re an easy-to-open business, meaning a quick path to revenue and profitability.

Easier to scale

With multiple revenue streams, you have the flexibility to scale your business on your own timeline.


Your success is our success, so we look for opportunities to give back

Earn Your Franchise Fee Back!

You can have your entire franchise fee refunded to you when you reach certain milestones in your first two years of business. 

Thats right, earn your entire franchise fee back with our Winner's Circle Program

You can have your entire franchise fee refunded to you when you reach certain milestones in your first two years of business.  One of our Franchise Directors can give you all the details and help you apply.

When you succeed, we succeed.  That's why we created The Winner's Circle for Caring Transitions owners, exclusively offered by Strategic Franchising. 

10% Off Franchise Fee for Veterans

Leadership, resourcefulness, passion, and an entrepreneurial spirit are why military veterans make successful franchisees.

Veterans Discount Program

A Caring Transitions Franchise is all about managing great teams and projects - which veterans have been doing their entire military career. To say "thank you" for your service, we have instituted a 10% veteran discount to help you get started.


Have questions about investing in a franchise?

Have a question about anything you see listed here? Our franchise consultants are available to explain all fees in detail, so that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Schedule a call today. 

What are the financial requirements?

To franchise with Caring Transitions, you will need to have the required minimum liquid capital of $80,000 to open your own new business.

Will you help me secure financing?

Although direct financing isn't something we offer, we're proud to have built strong connections with esteemed third-party financial institutions ready to assist with financing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Early in our discussions, we'll introduce you to these partners, ensuring a seamless match and your comfort with our team and the opportunities ahead. When we see you as the perfect fit to helm a Caring Transitions franchise in your community, we're committed to making it a reality, hand in hand.

How do I earn my franchise fee back?

The Winner’s Circle represents an unparalleled opportunity within the franchising realm. Our unwavering belief in our robust business framework, alongside our verified strategies for marketing, operations, training, and support, allows us to forge a partnership like no other. We intertwine our fortunes with yours in a significant manner, embodying the essence of a true partnership. Through this groundbreaking initiative, we pledge to refund the entire initial franchise fee to diligent, committed franchisees who meet specific performance benchmarks within a four-year timeframe. This presents a tangible pathway for you to recoup the full amount of your franchise investment, provided you're ready to dedicate yourself to our time-tested methodologies.




Entrepreneur Magazine’s #1 Senior Relocation Franchise 5 Years Straight


Consecutive years of double-
digit revenue increases