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Caring Transitions is a solutions-oriented company. We bring together three high-demand services into one. When you are ready to downsize or help a parent downsize, relocate or move into a smaller facility, Caring Transitions helps you minimize the stress of the downsizing or move:
We are a “go-to” company since we can take care of so many different, but related services to help seniors and their families. We take pride in our sensitive and professional handling of the challenges those in transition face as they move either into a new home, into a family member’s house, or an assisted living facility. We do our best to find the perfect solution for seniors and their families.

Senior Relocation

The areas of relocation we focus on is helping seniors find and move into a new home or facility that meets their needs (and their family’s needs). As seniors age, their needs change. As a Caring Transitions owner, we understand these needs and bring compassion and organization to streamline the moving process.


Estate Sales

Caring Transitions assists with decluttering. One effective way to help declutter is by holding estate sales. We perform estate sales for homes, gated communities, apartment/condo residences and smaller estates.

There’re two types of estate sales Caring Transitions specialize in:

  1. On-site estate sale that Caring Transitions advertises and manages
  2. Listing items on the online estate sales platform,, cleaning, wrapping and shipping item

We use the service(s) that best benefits the customer and their family.

*We are not a medical service company. As a franchisee, you will not be dealing with the hassles or laws that involve elderly medical care. However, it may be beneficial to network with these professionals, as they can provide referrals.

Downsizing and Decluttering

Our professionals sift through, organize and remove any unwanted possessions of our customers. Through our online auction and estate sales, we help sell those possessions that still have value and donate those lesser-valued items for a tax credit. Our professionals work closely with your customers to find out what they really want to keep and what can be sold or donated.

Caring Transitions three main services are not separate entities, but rather integral parts of being a solution-oriented company. Our franchise exists because we are successful at guiding people that are overwhelmed with the monumental tasks of relocation and downsizing for themselves or their loved ones. We exist to provide a complete package of services that remove stress and burden from families in our communities.

"I believe our success is related to having a can-do attitude and making sure we don't limit ourselves. There's always an opportunity to say that's going to be too hard, they're going to be too difficult, or this doesn't feel right to us. We always find a way to say sure we'll do that" 

-Sherri Gillette, Caring Transitions of Southern Arizona

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