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Testimonials & Reviews

August 20, 2021

"I have to say thank you so much to Ken and his Caring Transitions team. Sometimes moving and downsizing can be challenging but Caring Transitions has turned this stressful process into a joyful one. Again, thank you so much!

-Anonymous, Client of Caring Transitions Central Denver  

August 16, 2021

"Wow! What a difference Noel, Rydell and their wonderful team made in my life and that of my Mom. The work they do is incredibly helpful, yet meaningful and the detailed, high quality approach they took to the important work they do was amazing. I absolutely love supporting our veterans and I was blown away by the special care they took in helping my Mom who is a retired nurse. The team who came to clean my Mom's place out were so kind and caring and it gave me such great comfort to know they understood how important her home was to her. As far as the process goes, everything was explained clearly up front and Noel was true to his word every step of the way. He even paid me for a lost modem - without my yet having the bill in hand. Caring Transitions of Menifee operate with honesty, integrity and high level of caring. When in need of this type of support or service, look no other direction other than this one. I'm so very grateful!"

-Tracy E., Caring Transitions Owner  

April 28, 2021

“2020 was a messy year, however inside the messiness was a lot of hidden treasures. Caring transitions is one of those treasures that my sister Kim and I found. The name Caring Transitions truly fits for not only the clients, but for the CARING community that Caring Transitions has made for the franchise owners as well. Everyone is so loving and kind, and willingly to help each other out. Thank you to Ray and to all the franchise owners that have helped us along the way. Remember, even the smallest gestures can make the greatest impacts. The Caring Transition’s franchise community is truly my family. Have a Happy Day!”

-Happie, Caring Transitions Owner  

April 16, 2021

“I contacted Caring Transitions after a friend told me how much they had helped with her mother in law’s estate after she passed away. I had heard horror stories of how some companies go in, take what they think they can sell and then leave you to do the rest. My family was already overwhelmed at the thought of just how much work we had ahead of us. We even spent multiple weeks in the house trying to clean it out ourselves. When I first walked through my parents home with Tom, I thought he would say, “wow, this is a lot of stuff and maybe it’s too much for CT to handle.” Tom didn’t bat an eye. He remained professional and confident that this was a task they could handle. We signed a contract and set a date. I was there on day 1 of the team arriving to begin the task of cleaning out my parents’ home and preparing the items in it for auction. Lieann and her entire team could not have shown more care and compassion for us in such an emotional situation. Lieann and I walked the entire house. We talked about the items in the house and after a debrief with her team, they immediately got to work.

In 2.5 days, the team got through more than our family had gotten through in almost two months. All along the way, Lieann and Tom remained in contact with me, taking pictures if they encountered items they thought we might like to keep, finding items we knew had to be in the house but had yet to unearth, and enduring my unending stories. Never once have a I felt that my feelings weren’t being validated and never once did I have any concern about what work they were doing in my parents home without me there. I struggled with one very large piece of furniture that my parents had brought back from Germany. It wasn’t something that my siblings or I could place in our homes, but I really struggled with letting it go (It didn’t sell during the live online auction) and I know Lieann and Tom could both “hear” the sadness in my texts to them. The furniture was placed on facebook marketplace and within minutes had a bid from someone that had lost their schrank to a house fire and had been looking for one to replace theirs with. Lieann immediately contacted me to let me know. I am both relieved and feel so blessed that the schrank is going to a home where it is really wanted. Tom and Lieann worked within the time frame that we originally discussed and completed all tasks on time and got the house emptied out so that the paint and carpet companies could begin their work. Had we not hired them, I would still be there pulling my hair out. I have told them that I plan to spread the good word of their work as I don’t know why more people don’t know about them. Thank you Tom and Lieann, from the bottom of my heart.”

-Terri F., Client from Loudoun, Virginia   

March, 2021

Susie, the owner of Caring Transitions is a special person. The time came to move my 90 year old mother to Colorado, where I live, and Susie made it happen! She took charge of liquidating items from two properties, arranged packing and moving. All along the way there was kindness, good insights, promptness and excellent communication. Honestly, she is amazing and just a wonderful person. My mother could not say enough good things about her and the help she provided. The process went so smoothly and Susie, took so much off my shoulders. My Mother is now settled in Colorado thanks to Susie and her team. 

Susie, thank you so much for your excellent efforts to make it all happen, you truly have found your calling with the service you provide families. Good bless you. 

-John L., Client from Castle Rock

December 16, 2020

“Relocating – and dealing with the estate – is tough, especially when you get older. When I was working in a senior living community, I would get several calls a week where a senior was looking to move into our facility, but they didn’t know where to start with their current home. I realized that not everyone has family who can help or who wants to help, which is what led me to Caring Transitions,” 

- Andy Beard, Caring Transitions Owner

October 28, 2020

"I can’t recommend Caring Transitions and Paul enough! When our Dad passed we didn’t know what we were going to do with his home. I reached out to Paul and he met with me at the house within the week. We walked through as he explained what he thought he could sell and what he thought his donation partners could use. It only took 1 week and the house was cleaned out! He sold so much, donated so much, and provided dumpsters and manpower to dispose of the rest. Paul and his team sorted through everything and set aside items of sentimental value including pictures, family recipes, and jewelry. AND his final invoice was below his estimate! The value of this service was incredible. Paul and his team provided so much comfort during a very emotional time. He is truly a man with a desire to help others and my siblings and I are so grateful! Paul and his company delivered on every promise he made. You will not be sorry if you chose to put your faith in Caring Traditions Indy West."

- Beth F.,  Client from Indy West

October 28, 2020

"We received excellent service and support from Caring Transitions Three Rivers. We live in Georgia and were trying to close out my deceased father's apartment in Pittsburgh. Harrison and his team stepped in to help us despite the COVID-19 restrictions on movement. We received frank but honest advice on the value and appropriate disposition of my father's furniture. They went the extra mile to clean-out the apartment including vacuuming, and preparation for turn-over to the landlord. The crew was fast and efficient. The team kept us informed on the progress of the work, provided pictures, and receipts for the items donated to non-profit agencies. I highly recommend Caring Transitions Three Rivers, and will not hesitate to contact them again if the need arises."

- Chris Gannon, Client from Georgia

October 26, 2020

"Robert & Tracy,

I know that Dick wrote a review for your business, but I wanted to add our personal thanks to you.

Caring Transitions is a great concept and a valuable service providing a very positive result. Working with both of you was a pleasure - professionally and personally. We did not image the process and the result you so easily managed.

We have made several referrals for you and hope these will bring you continued business and provide help for our friends.

We are now in CT, waiting to find "our house" while enjoying time with our family. Thank you for making this "transition" easier."

- Jan and Dick Knotts, Clients of Caring Transitions

August 12, 2020

"Thank you, Tom, Lieann, and the whole Caring Transitions of Loudoun team! When my mother passed, I found myself in a nightmare situation, with an enormous estate to liquidate and very few options, no thanks to COVID. Many critical businesses and charities were shuttered. Garage sales and on-site estate auctions were untenable. I knew what had to be done but couldn't do it alone. I needed a partner. Your a la carte approach to estate liquidation was absolutely ideal. Your team spent an impressive four days cataloging every fork, lamp, and armchair for auctioning, while pulling out the valuables for my personal attention. Together, we maximized revenue, rescued some heirlooms for the family, and drove down my cortisol levels. And you got the house cleared out in just over two weeks - a miracle! I was able to close on the real estate contract three days early and return to my family on the opposite coast, whom I hadn't seen in three months. I can't imagine how this would've turned out had we not met. Thank you all so very, very much."

- David D., Client of Caring Transitions

August 8, 2020

"I want to say thank you to you and your team for the awesome job you did moving my mother in pandemic times. Without your advocacy, I know my mother would still be in her home, twiddling her thumbs and wondering what is going to happen. You understood the issues, owned them and got my mom moved safely and made her feel cared for.

Caring Transitions eased a massive burden on this only child who lives 700 miles away. I'd spent much of the past 48 months traveling b/n GA and PA, much to the detriment of my own life. Contracting with you and Caring Transitions really helped preserve my relationship with my mother and my marriage, I know this sounds like hyperbole, but it is so true.

My mother regaled me with stories of how your team took time out of the work at hand to make sure she was ok, comfortable and understood the process as it unfolded.

Carolyn, many thanks for you and your team, your compassion and ability to get a job done properly. As someone who has faced customers for over 40 years, I know how difficult it is to do this and do it well. Please extend thanks to all on the team who helped move my mother."

- Kevin O., Client from Pennsylvania

August 4, 2020

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your partnership with my community Forsyth Court. In an effort to be the best possible resource for my residents and future residents, Caring Transitions has become an invaluable asset. Most recently you have assisted 3 of my new residents with their moves, home preparation and decluttering. One family was so overwhelmed with the entire process and struggling with even making the move. Julie and your team jumped in and assured them that it was possible. They were able to have an auction to help right size along with preparing their house for sale. This in turn made my job much easier as they were able to focus on moving in with us instead of worrying about the old house and move. 

Another new resident came to me yesterday and was so thankful that you were able to make a referral for their move from Michigan. It took away the fear of just finding someone in the phone book. Once those movers arrived, your team jumped in and helped this family organize and unpack. This was a complicated move for many reasons, but you made the move in process enjoyable for them.

I have told you many times the best thing you can do for me is to be a responsive resource. Knowing that I can refer you to a future resident and not have to worry allows me to focus on my job. I cannot tell you how nice it is to not have to follow up or hear from a resident that someone I referred did not follow up with them. That has never been the case with Caring Transitions.

Keep up the great work.  Look forward to a continued partnership."

- Jason D., Referral Partner, Sales Leader at The Forsyth Court Community, Winston-Salem, NC

July 27, 2020

"Thank you so much for all of your help with the contents of my mother-in-law’s home. She was a bit of a collector and with two kids and the COVID crisis in full swing, my husband and I were at a loss as to how we would ever clear out the house.

You and your team were on top of everything, extremely responsive and able to work with us every step of the way. You were the first one to return my call, you answered all my questions, and were able to provide quick and courteous service. I would definitely recommend you to anyone else in a similar situation and will keep you in my contacts, should I ever have need of these services again!

You gave us back time, which is not an easy thing to do, and provided a service that was extremely valuable at a time when I had no idea where to turn. Thank you again for everything!"

- Tracy W., Client from Pennsylvania

June 19, 2020

"Thanks so much for all your help with this. We were so happy that you were able to draw the right people to get everything out of the house. I think there was more stuff there than what you imagined, but you’re right, we got it done. Your crew did a great job, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them. The neighbors are already eyeing you for their future downsizing moves and took down your number from Dot’s car magnet. We’re more than happy to give referrals if you need us. Hope your business fares well with all this weirdness with COVID still going on."

- Janey A., Client from Mechanicsburg, PA

June 10, 2020

"When my father passed away, we were left with a house full of his possessions. During this time of Covid, thrift stores were closed for donations and garage sales were not permitted. We were selling his home and didn't want to put all of his stuff into storage until the world opened back up. We were referred to Caring Transitions to help us with this problem. Noel and Rydell are top-notch professionals who quickly took care of the situation. With a limited time frame, they sorted through everything in the home, auctioned off the valuable items, and emptied the house of everything. We profited from the auction, but their real value to us was them taking care of this huge task while we had other things to deal with during this difficult time. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone. I found them to be trustworthy, respectful and hard-working. Thank you Caring Transitions of Menifee!"

- Heather F., Client from Menifee, California

June 9, 2020

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for sending me such a nice crew to work with. They are working very hard and taking great care to detail everything in order to get me the most money they can for my items. Although my home is in total disarray, something unusual for me, I am very confident in this group. You are truly lucky to have such great employees. That’s hard to find these days."

- Janey A., Client from Mechanicsburg, PA

May 15, 2020

"Everyone associated with your company was tremendous. Everything was done to my satisfaction in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to move. Thanks again. Continued success with your company."

- Ronald R., Client from Mechanicsburg, PA

May 14, 2020

"You have no idea how impactful the service you provided to us was. Thank you seems so insufficient, but it is all I can say at this time. You and your team are amazing, and we will figure out a way to return the favor (safely!) in the future. I will let the members know via my weekly letter tomorrow.

Again, thank you so much for helping to keep us safe during this crazy time. You and your team are truly extraordinary."

- Shannon R., Executive Director at The Hacienda at the Canyon Tucson, AZ

May 13, 2020

"This was a project that came to us because Sherri’s team supports the community. We did the pack, move planning, vehicle shipping and estate liquidation. We collaborated on the floor plan – Sherri’s team gave us great photos and checked the orientation and measurements of the unit, and we sent them photos to guide the resettling. Sherri’s team did the unpack and resettle. It was a very successful collaboration. (This was a project that many had suggested that we run away from because the family had initially made some rather unreasonable requests – but we held our ground and they came around! Probably because the community had so highly recommended Caring Transitions due to Sherri’s team’s work for them.)"

- Wynesta Dale, Caring Transitions Owner of the Angeles Foothills

April 12, 2020

"Your team, especially Dani, were amazing. My mom was very nervous and unfortunately was in a lot of pain. She wasn’t wanting to let anything go and Dani handled her with care and class. I didn’t have any cash on me, last week was a blur, I will include some extra$$ for the team – some extra to Dani.

Thanks again – I am so happy Brenda @ Arbor Village referred me to you. I told the manager at Bannock Arms how wonderful your service is and to keep you in mind if any other residents need to move."

- Scott A., Client from Idaho

February 6, 2020

"Thank you very much for a well-planned, relevant, thought-provoking, and fun meeting. All of the outside speakers were really good! Most of my conversations with others were related to the Coaching Culture and the Profit sessions. It seems that both of those sessions created the most talk buzz - at least among the owners I spent the most time with.

Again, thanks so much. You really did put a great meeting together for us."

- Sherri Gillette, Caring Transitions Owner of Southern Arizona

February 2, 2020

"I just wanted to share with everyone that I am so great full for our Caring Transitions family- and everyone's willingness to be open and share some of the things that work for you with the roundtables on the last day- they were fabulous!

I truly appreciate the time you took to put together your documents, have your hand outs and your very well-done presentations to us. It is much appreciated, and I feel truly blessed."

- Cindy Stoddard, Caring Transitions Owner of WNY

September 18, 2019

"As a senior citizen needing to relocate from a 2000+ square foot family home into an out-of-town apartment in a multi-floor building, I had many concerns.

Josh and Trish Isais, Owner of Caring Transitions did an outstanding and stress-free job for me. These folks were professional and efficient while accommodating my concerns and needs. No room in my new space was left until I was satisfied with item placement, showing care and respect while handling my belongings.

After the move was accomplished, an excellent job was also done by Josh and Trish doing a final cleaning and readying my old property for sale. I especially appreciated their willingness to change their work schedule to accommodate my timeline.

In short, I highly recommend to anyone in need of the services of Josh and Trish Isais for a true 'Caring Transition.'"

- Sylvia N., Client from Casper, Wyoming

"Thank you for helping this transition go easier. Having Caring Transitions at both ends of the move was a great experience. Our timing for moving worked out so well with the current situation!"

- Victoria & Bridges Family, Client

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. Your staff were wonderful!. I would be happy to recommend your business to anyone who asks.

We are getting settled and thanks to the quick work of your staff we are farther ahead than I thought we would be."

- Theresa, Caldwell Idaho Chamber of Commerce

"Tom, I can’t thank you and Lieann enough for the amazing work you did helping us clear out my mother-in-law’s apartment. We unintentionally left you with a mess and a very tight timeframe and Caring Transitions took on the task without complaint and finished early! We especially appreciated that you actually preserved some treasures we overlooked. I’ve already recommended you to everyone I know and will continue to do so."

- Marianne & Dave B., Client

"Roger, we wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for everything you and your crew did to make it a successful move for Shirley. The days leading up to the move, move day itself and the day after were quite hectic and stressful but things seem to be settling down a bit now. We are so appreciative with how you coordinated things with The Classic and Milestone, made even more difficult with the changeover in directors at Milestone. Obviously, the constraints due to COVID-19 made it all the more challenging.

We were very impressed with how quickly you were able to get things moved out of Milestone and her condo and over to The Classic. Shortly before the scheduled 1pm move-in time, Greg from The Classic used his iPhone to give us a FaceTime tour of the apartment with everything already moved in! You wouldn’t believe how relieved we were to see things placed just as we had diagramed them in advance of the move. We even had the opportunity to make a couple of minor changes in placement before Shirley arrived.

Not sure when it might be but whenever Shirley decides it’s time to move forward with selling the condo, we will probably be in touch again.

We have really enjoyed working with you on these moves Roger and we also want you to know that Shirley speaks very highly of you too! We so appreciate your patience in helping her through this very difficult time and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that asks.. Once again, thank you very much Roger!"

- Ken & Mary Ingles, Client

"I wanted to share how we've been keeping Caring Transitions LKN brand relevant through the pandemic. We have continued to market, taking special treats to each of our communities. It has been very successful and other companies don't seem to be doing this. We call our contact prior to arriving and they meet us out in the parking lot to receive their treat. Everyone, without exception, has been very welcoming and appreciative. They are on the front lines and really need support at this time.

We have been asked to partner and co-market with a well-known and reputable home care company, Home Instead. They have several senior move management companies to choose from and we're very honored that they chose Caring Transitions LKN. I posted pictures on our FB page.

We have also participated in two parades around communities. The residents in these communities have been cut off from visits from their families and friends and the staff are dealing with situations they've no doubt never had to handle before. The parades often consist of the police and fire departments, family members and marketing professionals. Many have poster boards attached to their car with messages of hope and encouragement.

We have participated in a window visit with a fellow marketer. His wife was placed in a memory care unit just days before the shutdown. She is having a very difficult time adjusting and understanding why she can't see him in person. Her 70th birthday was this week and he organized a small group of family and professionals to have a window visit with her. It was a beautiful moment and one we were honored to be invited to participate in.

Lastly we have a local assisted living and memory care community whose residents were asking for soft drinks as the vendors were not allowed in the building to fill the soda machines. We donated several 12 packs of sodas, hopefully boosting spirits and showing the community we care.

Due to our marketing efforts I have been asked to do 2 presentations via Zoom for a new upscale independent living community.

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of how we are continuing to stay relevant as well as the acts of kindness we are carrying out during this time."

- Keri A. Wass, Caring Transitions Owner of Lake Norman

"I had an excellent experience with Mary Kay and her team. Mary Kay was very helpful and empathetic during a time that was stressful and sad for my sisters and me. She and her team helped make what seemed an insurmountable task manageable and easy. Mary Kay did a great job explaining the process and what our role would be. In the end we had a successful estate sale and with her help we were able to sort through the personal items that were important to us. She and the team did their work on schedule and followed through with all requests or questions on a timely basis. They were careful to ask about any item they came across that seemed personal in some way to the family. By the time they were finished the house was ready for sale in a short period of time even adding in the challenges associated with COVID 19. I would highly recommend Mary Kay and Caring Transitions of Northeast Wisconsin."

- Amy Marquardt, Client from Wisconsin

"Thank you Caring Transitions for all your help moving my mom from the condo my parents lived in. This was a big move for my mom after my dad died in June. Your team of Holly, Brent and Peter made the move less stressful for me and my mom. I would highly recommend Caring Transitions to anyone who is moving elderly parents."

- Julie Sundstrom, Client

"Benjamin and his team were amazing. He coordinated moving my elderly mother from one assisted living facility to another. They are 100% trustworthy and did an excellent job moving her into the new place – it was as if she had lived there all along. My mother was so happy with them, and they were able to communicate with her in a way that I am not able to and her she felt completely at ease with them. I highly recommend Caring Transitions and will use them again very soon to coordinate some other projects we need to have taken care regarding my elderly mother. All at a very fair price, I might add! Thanks again Benjamin!"

- C. Sykes, Client

"Scott, Benjamin, and Leilani took care of the details of our out-of state move following 30+ years in San Antonio. Their professionalism and knowledge gave us confidence that our household goods were packed and loaded securely to arrive safely at our new home. Leilani carefully researched the remaining items and expertly managed the estate sale in our home. Their attention to every detail and their compassionate attitudes were outstanding. I have recommended their team and services to many friends and confidently endorse Caring Transitions to anyone needing to downsize or simply to move."

- Larry T., Client from San Antonio, Texas

"We could never have completed all the activities involved in a major downsizing and move without the caring, professional people from Caring Transitions. Every member of their teams exhibited knowledge and professionalism as well as an understanding of the kinds of stress such life changes bring on. Their attention to detail was amazing!"

- Joyce M., Client

"I would unhesitatingly recommend the services of Scott Bleichwehl & his Caring Transitions San Antonio North team as they are the best! They are there when you need them and are steadfast in their mission to help take the burden of relocating loved ones (regardless of the reason -- seniors, terminal illnesses, etc.) off your shoulders and put on theirs. They are professional, honest, and most importantly they are caring throughout the process! They stepped up to the plate to make my frantic efforts of cleaning out, moving out & relocating my sister due to a terminal illness, and they acted quick & efficiently! They realized we were stumbling and they helped us gain our footing and realize a profitable outcome of disposing copious amounts of property to help us meet some financial obligations. I can't say enough good things about them as words don't cover their efforts -- I will say that you need to call them when the needs arises as they can & will help you through the tough times."

- Robert G., Client from San Antonio, Texas

"Both my brother and I were very pleased with the move yesterday - it went much better than we ever expected. You and your staff did an excellent job evaluating the situation, worked with my parents, and were able to help load and unload them without any complaints from my dad (which is very unusual). My sister went over today and when I spoke to them this afternoon, my mom and dad seemed pretty happy."

- R. Nakagawa, Client

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the work of your team in moving my Mom, Florence Hamm, into assisted living at Franciscan Oaks. Despite the short notice, you responded immediately, and you were a great help to me in planning the move and in arranging Florence’s furniture and personal items in her new room. The professionalism and respect you and your team showed before, during and after the move was the major reason the move went so well.

Thank you so much for all you did. Consider us a great reference for any future opportunities you have."

- Patti O’Neill, Client

"We so appreciate all of the great help you and all you work with have done to help the Lainsberg family at this difficult time. Thank you also in helping us to get the desk back to our family. You went the extra mile and we appreciate you very much!"

- Mike Z., Client

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